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Shiny S-421 DIY Dater Set 41 x 24mm Red-Blue ink

$20.21 GST Exc. $17.57

Shiny S-421 DIY Dater self-inking stamp set

  • Stamp body including adjustable date
  • Comes with Red/Blue ink pad, red date and blue text area.
  • Generally 9 years or more on the year band at delivery
  • Two rows of text one above and one below the date
  • Replaceable ink pad Red date and Blue text
  • for a black ink pad click here
  • 256 characters 4mm high
  • Tweezers to change the letters
  • Spell out any words or letters whenever you want
  • Ink is suitable for copy paper or cardboard which is porous.
  • Alternative inks are available on request for gloss or plastic surfaces.
  • Instructions on the pack


Shiny Printer S421 Do It Yourself Dater

You set the letters for your stamp and change it when you want.

In the middle is a date. This is the red ink area. This is adjustable whenever you want. Four adjusting wheels. Two for the day of the month. One for the month expressed as three letters like JAN. One for the year like 2027.

Great to be able to change batch numbers on a date stamp. The ultimate ‘best before’ adjustable stamp.

Supplied in an off the shelf blister pack.

Comes with:

  • Stamp body including adjustable date
  • Replaceable ink pad Red date and Blue text
  • 256 characters 4mm high
  • Tweezers to change the letters

Replacement ink pad for the Shiny Printer S421 is the S-400 size.  Yes we stock these should you need another colour instead of the one in the blister pack.  When it runs out contact us for a new one.


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