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Trodat 9052 110x70mm Violet ink stamp pad

$21.56 GST Exc. $18.75

Stamp pad at 110x 70mm in the amazing Violet colour

You can top the pad up with Trodat 7011 Violet ink bottle 



A stamp pad like this is what you need to use a traditional stamp.

Open the lid.  Dab your stamp around on the surface to ink up and then onto your paper.  Close the lid when you are finished so there are no accidental inking incidents.

It is as easy as that to use a stamp pad.

This stamp ink pad is 110 x 70mm internally.

We find that a stamp needs to be smaller than each dimension to get in here.  There is usually a bit of the body of the stamp sticking out further than the rubber stamp part.  Also to allow some maneuverability so you can dab the stamp a few times in different places to get enough ink on the rubber for a good print.

For our custom hand stamps we recommend no taller than 63mm or no wider than 103mm to use in this stamp ink pad.  To get these inked well you need to get the stamp inside the little raised edge and in full contact across the surface of the stamp to get the best print from a stamp.

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