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Shiny S300 Mini Dater

$15.30 GST Exc. $13.30

  • 3.8mm tall font size
  • Black ink only
  • Suitable for plain copy paper or cardboard
  • Around 21mm wide
  • Date format ” 1 8 APR 2022 “
  • rotate wheels to dial up the date you require
  • Replaceable ink pad S300-7, or use a few drops of Shiny Supreme Black S61 ink to make the mark really dark any time you like.


Nice small easy to use Shiny S300 dater stamp.

This self inking mini dater stamp is ideal for adding dates to your documents and files. The handy compact and portable design makes it perfect for taking it on the go. The durable mechanism enables smooth movement and allows for easy adjustment of the date, month and year. The Shiny S300 dater stamp has four rotating wheels to dial up the date you require. Two for the day of the month. One for the month expressed as three letters like JAN. The last one is the year as four numbers 2027.

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