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Paid Trodat 4850 3.8mm date stamp

$61.55 GST Exc. $53.52

Simple to use Paid Date Stamp.

  • Ready to use straight out of the box.
  • This PAID Date Stamp has one line of text area saying PAID and the date below.
  • Overall size is 21mm wide by 13mm tall, nice and small for those tight places to mark on your documents.
  • Date height: 3.8mm
  • Replacement pad 6/4850 in black, blue, green, red, violet and 6/4850/2 in blue/red
  • Also has a dry ink pad available for use with special purpose alcohol or solvent based inks like Noris 007 or Noris 191 inks for gloss paper.
  • Min of 70% recycled plastic
  • Text appears above the date
  • A great office use stamp for marking when documents are PAID
  • Total

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What happens when a PAID date stamp runs out of ink?

If the ink in the pad runs low and image fades when stamping this can be remedied in one of two ways.

Either replace the ink pad. Or in high use situations it is more cost effective to add a few drops of ink at any time to get the image nice and strong again.

When the ink pad gets a bit beaten up after repeated filling that can be replaced.

Just type the model number of the stamp into the search products box on our website and press enter.

You’ll find the date stamp and usually the ink pads will pop up in the search result for you too.

For the date stamp ink use the stamp brand ink appropriate for your stamp which for all three above is the Trodat 7011 ink.

This stamp uses the Trodat 4850 and can have your own custom text made for it. Click here to view a pdf guide to view rubber stamp sizes alongside each other.

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