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JP Stamp 02 Shiny Printer

$36.97 GST Exc. $32.15

This easy to use JP Stamp 02 is a self-inking stamp.

Replaceable ink pads are here.

Image size 36.8 x 12.8mm.

Using a Shiny S842 rubber stamp.

Enter your JP coupon code on checkout to get your JP discount.

Not suitable for gloss surfaces.

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This important JP stamp 02 stamp uses the Shiny S842 Rectangle Self Inking Stamp.

Ink pads are available in blue, black and red.

This custom self-inking stamp features a clear base for precise alignment and its durable frame is built to last!

The Shiny S842 model of stamp comes with an end cap. Excellent to keep you and your pockets ink free.

The ink pad built inside this self-inking stamp is replaceable at any time. Self-Inking Stamps Ltd stocks replacement ink pads for you when you need a replacement.

Do you have a lot of Shiny brand of rubber stamps in your kit? Using a bottle of ink and adding a couple of drops of ink to your stamp can keep your stamp marks nice and fresh at all times. You can find the ink on this page here.

How can I get a discount?

Contact your local JP Association to collect your JP discount coupon to use at checkout for your new rubber stamps.

There are other JP stamps available on our website here.

If you need a custom made stamp for a particular wording please email us using the contact form below. We can make up a proof of the customised stamp for you and give you a quote. When you print out the pdf of your JP Stamp #02 or any other it will print at actual size. You can then write on it to check and ensure you have enough room to write or sign in your size of writing.

If you are a notary public we can also make your custom made stamps.

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