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Trodat 4910 base caps make pocket stamps smaller and cleaner

We often get an enquiry about Trodat 4910 base caps. Do these pocket stamps have a cap on the end? I have my Trodat 4910 in my pocket and carry it with me… But I am concerned about getting ink all over my pocket. Do you have anything like that?

Well, we used to say no sorry we can’t help there. Great idea though.

Trodat did develop a smaller stamp ideally suited to a pocket or a lanyard. This model is the Trodat Pocket Printy 9511. A quirky design approach to slide out and stamp applications. Some like this design and others definitely do not. It is one of the stamps that definitely has polar opposite groups.

There must have been a lot of people ask the question if only I could have an end cap and Trodat in Austria took that on board and designed a removable cap. Yippee.

While researching new product photographs of products on the European website I found the Trodat 4910 base caps. OK so yes, I want to place an large order right away.

Do you need advice?

Don’t hesitate to call or email our Auckland office and we will reply promptly.

Our NZ Wholesaler didn’t stock this product and didn’t know about any Trodat 4910 base caps.

So, I requested a special order to bring them to New Zealand so we could help our past and future clients. Our wholesale suppliers are terrific. When I find a new product available it is a basic check out minimum order volume, what the landed price will be and then lick the finger hold it up to the wind and see if dries in the New Zealand marketplace. These Trodat 4910 base caps meet that requirement. Low cost. High benefit.

However due to the lingering shipping delays still around our part of the world it has taken over 4 months for these little treasures to get to us. And they are heading out the door as soon as our email newsletter was distributed. 10 minutes later the first one was ordered. Yep, people want these.

trodat 4910 base cap

Trodat 4910 base cap

  • Trodat 4910 stamp base cap clips on
  • Get a base cap to stop ink transfer
  • Push stamp down into marking position
  • Lock into place with the clip
  • Reduces size for your pocket

These Trodat 4910 base caps are especially suited to nurse name stamps. The vast majority of the Trodat 4910 stamps go to nurses and doctors. They are ideal for use with a name and second row of the registration number. The size is terrific. Nice and small and able to be put in a pocket. Plus, there is the red model with a keychain. Yes, we can fit these to other colours of body in the range too. We have the Austrian components and can fit them to the other stamp body colours. The standard imported model colour is the red one. We now stock 7 colours for the Trodat 4910.

trodat 4910 base caps stamps

At the same time as finding the Trodat 4910 base caps we also found a new body colour. We had specially imported the fuchsia colour well ahead of this colour becoming an NZ stocked item. Now we have done the same for the Pastel Rose colour. A true pink. We also have these in the Trodat 4911, Trodat 4912 and Trodat 4913 models. The ladies love them. So, when I found the 4910 was possible did the minimum order number and got these onto our shelves too.

trodat 4910 pastel rose

Trodat 4910 26x9mm

  • Max text plate size: 24.8 x 7.8mm
  • Ink pad 6/4910
  • Black, blue, green, violet
  • Rose, pink, white, red
  • Maximum 3 rows
  • Perfect for Nurses

We have these Pastel Rose colour stamps with the rubber stamp base caps already mounted.

Trodat 4910 base caps

  • Trodat 4910 base caps clip on
  • Get a base cap to stop ink transfer.
  • Push stamp down into marking position.
  • Lock into place with the clip.
  • Reduces size for your pocket.
trodat 4910 stamp base end cap on body

With the cap on the stamp, it is even smaller. So much easier to carry around. Instead of being 60mm tall they reduce down to 50mm tall. A 17% reduction in size. That can just make life in your pocket a bit easier. With the cap on this means when it is in the down position ink cannot transfer from the rubber die to anything else. It is nicely covered.

How to use the Trodat 4910 base caps.

There are two methods that this can be put on the stamp body.

First is squash the stamp down to the bottom position and slide the lock on the back across to lock it in the height. Then place the cap on the end and push on to get the click sound. It is held in position there with little lugs in the cap and the base of the stamp body.

The second method is to place the cap on a solid surface; a desk or table for example. Then place the stamp body over the cap in the correct position. After that push down on the stamp like you are going to mark the paper and give a little extra effort at the last bit and it clicks onto the cap. The stamp doesn’t have to be locked down. It does hold the stamp in the down position. As a precautionary measure locking it will take the spring pressure off the cap. I feel that given some time the cap may become less locked in. It would pay to use the lock then.

To take the cap off just give it a bit of a wiggle while pulling apart and click, it will pop off.

Can I get a cap for my current Trodat 4910 stamp?

Yes. Great news. The Trodat 4910 models already have the little lug manufactured into the clear base part of the stamps. Our ones we use in the office that have been on our desks for years clip straight into the cap. No problem at all.

Yes, you can retrofit the cap to the Trodat P4 4910 model of stamp.

What is the P4 model. These have been around for a long time. Trodat started redesigning their stamp bodies about ten years ago to reduce the production wastes and reduce plastic in the environment and lower their carbon footprint. It also helps with transportation lowering the weight and volume required to ship all around the world from their Austrian production centre. These P4 models are recognisable by their squarer top. The previous model was quite round on the top and could not be stood upside down. The P4 models can be stood on the top which really helps when we are making them.

Do you want a new end cap for your Trodat Printy 4910 stamp?

We have them available here on our website to purchase.

If you lose your cap don’t panic. You can get a replacement one whenever you need it.

We are here to help with your questions about rubber stamp products.

Just ask us. If we have not made one before we can make one just for you. We custom make stamps all day long. Why not get one to save you time in repetitive work, help your workflow, and reduce errors.

Or stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram pages.

Customer Testimonials

They were so helpful, gave clear easy instruction which made ordering very quick & easy. All done with such speedy service. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Jenny Adams

Thanks to Antoinette for her wonderful, helpful and friendly assistance, and the designers for quickly producing and editing proof’s as requested. Great service and pricing. Delivery was superfast! 10/10 – thanks team!

Jasmine Milton

Thank you Antionette and Trent for going above and beyond on a last-minute project for me. Great people and great work!

Simone Ward

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