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Multi-use Date stamps for your business or home-office.

What is a multi-use date stamp? They are described by Trodat as Dial a Phrase and date stamps. Yes, two functions in one stamp with multiple uses.

  • On the left side of the stamp mark on paper is a word.
  • Then on the right is the date.
  • Both sides can be changed at any time.

These multi-use date stamps have 12 words to choose from. That means this date stamp can be the equivalent of twelve different date stamps. Imagine the space saving on your desk. Less clutter and less time figuring out which rubber stamp is the one you need.

A huge cost saving with them all in one multi-use date stamp.

Or you could view it from an opportunity. Buy a stamp for saying received and 11 more that you would not have bothered paying for and get a great system advantage in your office.

At any time, you can change the date like any date stamp. Four bands can be rotated to dial up the date you need. These have two bands for the day of the month. One band for the month using three letters to denote the month like JAN. The last band is for the year like 2020.

Read our blog on date stamps to see how date stamps work.

12 multi-use date stamps in one.

What are these words that this stamp can do?  We have listed them here for you:

  • PAID

Multi-use date stamps for different budgets.

There are three different variations of these stamps.

  • Self-Inking Professional grade high use situations.
  • Self-Inking everyday office use.
  • Traditional stamp and ink pad style that can be every day or high use.

Starting with the high use version this one is the Trodat Professional 5117.

This stamp has a steel internal frame. The steel frame is ideal for strength over a long life. These stamps will last for 12 years with the number of years on the band. Ideal for hundreds of stamping a day. Having a professional grade date stamp with multiple purposes makes this stamp much more cost effective.

This is a Self-Inking Stamp. Pick it up, place over the area you want to mark and press down to mark, then release. All done. With the steel frame rapid stamping can be achieved by this strong stamp. Clean to use with the ink pad internally housed within the stamp.

Next is the everyday Trodat Printy 4817.

Here we have a more affordable version. This one has an all plastic construction in the body.

Again 12 years of date to use. 12 uses over twelve years. Very affordable for small businesses.

This is a Self-Inking Stamp. Pick it up, place over the area you want to mark and press down to mark, then release. All done. Clean to use with the ink pad internally housed within the stamp.

Lastly the traditional style of stamp is the Trodat Classic 1117.

This stamp is built strong with the steel frame. This time the stamp does need a separate ink pad to use with the stamp. Pick up the stamp, over to the ink pad and ink it up, and then stamp the paper.

This is a great lower cost option for high use situations.

Ink colours available in multi-use date stamps.

For the self-inking stamps, the ink colours available are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Violet

Choose your colour at the time of ordering.

The traditional stamp style of the 1117 model is whatever ink pad you choose. The colours as above are available in the Trodat ink pads. Self-Inking Stamps can also make up an ink pad from the Trodat multi-colour ink range for you if you would like something different. This is a great way to really notice your marks on the page.

What happens when a date stamp runs out of ink?

If the ink in the pad runs low and image fades when stamping this can be remedied in one of two ways.

Either replace the ink pad. Or in high use situations it is more cost effective to add a few drops of ink at any time to get the image nice and strong again.

When the ink pad gets a bit beaten up after repeated filling that can be replaced.

Just type the model number of the stamp into the search products box on our website and press enter.

You’ll find the date stamp and usually the ink pads will pop up in the search result for you too.

For the date stamp ink use the stamp brand ink appropriate for your stamp which for all three above is the Trodat 7011 ink.

multi-use date stamps
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You can find multi-use date stamp ink here.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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