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Rubber number stamps are perfect for recording and events

We have a wonderful selection of both self-inking, and hand rubber number stamps.

The Trodat Classic rubber hand stamps can be used with a stamp ink pad. These Numberer stamps range from 3mm up to 18mm character height.

At Self-inking stamps, we can create custom letters and numbers with a ripple strip to create up to 25 mm high character stamps!

The combined cost for this will be around $100-250 for the characters alone, and will require professional rubber number stamp body on top of that cost.  These are great for pack houses and resemble DIY stamps. Incredibly reliable and great for large-scaled stamping jobs.

Self Inking rubber numberer stamps can change the bands to get a number/letter combo on the professional grade machines, as well as the Classic ones.  Not on the Printy ones.

Only A-M OR M-Z on each band however as it would be too large to swing a band that size for rubber number stamps and all 26 letters.  Put a band alongside to get the second half of the alphabet.  Great for best before or batch numbers.

See below for a selection of our rubber number stamps you can buy online

[box]Automatic Numberers[/box]

These aren’t strictly rubber stamps as the numbers are steel.  Push down and they click on to the next number you set it to.  Fantastic for ticket books or legal documents page numbers.

The Plus BB is our most popular seller.
[prima_products_with_skus title=”” skus=”pnbb,pne,pno,pnp,pnu,pnd,pnu,pnd,pnfg,pna,pnad,pnn,pnal,pnf” orderby=”SKU” order=”ASC” numbers=”4″ columns=”4″]

[box]Trodat Professional Numberers[/box]
[prima_products_with_skus title=”” skus=”T55510P,mci t5558,mci t55510,mci t55510p,x t55510,x t55510p,x t5558,t5558p,t55510,t5546,t5558″ orderby=”SKU” order=”ASC” numbers=”4″ columns=”4″]

[box]Trodat Printy Numberers[/box]
[prima_products_with_skus title=”” skus=”T4836,t4846,t48313″ orderby=”SKU” order=”ASC” numbers=”4″ columns=”4″]

[box]Trodat Classic Numberers[/box]
[prima_products_with_skus title=”” skus=”T1538,t15320,t1534,t15514,t1558,t1556,t1554,t15412,t1598,t1578,t15188,t151810,t15158,t15184,t15186,t15912,t15124,t15126,t15128,t15154,t15156,t15910,t1594,t1596,t15510,t15512,t1574,t1576,t1544,t1546,t1548,t15410,t1536,t15310,t15312″ orderby=”SKU” order=”ASC” numbers=”4″ columns=”4″]

Still need assistance in choosing the right rubber number stamps for your business? If you are having trouble in choosing the right rubber number stamps, you can either call us on 09-412 9381 or fill out this form in details to let us know what you’re looking for. Please include your full contact information so we can contact you back.

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