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This month’s Rubber Stamp Design Winner is Krystal at PDV Consultants.

This month the rubber stamp design winner goes to Krystal at PDV Consultants of Hamilton. This Rubber Stamp Design stood out head and shoulders above anything else last month. We liked this custom rubber stamp design as it is a large stamp size impression. Used to show an element of space while using tick boxes and information to collect data. Often the stamps are so […]

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What is a self-inking stamp? Get the best advice from the Experts!

A self-inking stamp is like a mini printing machine. It is portable. It marks reliably the same image repeatedly. It is clean. It saves you time. It saves you money. Some people call them a rubber stamp. But they are more than that. Much more modern. Yes, a stamp is a dinosaur in this modern society full of instant gratification from your mobile device. They […]

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Our Latest Rubber Stamp Design Winner is From Magnolia Kitchen!

We have a Rubber Stamp Design Winner for January. We had a big discussion and Claire gave the casting vote. We all had to decide between a great multi-colour stamp design and this one for Magnolia kitchen. Claire loved this one when she made it and the vote went to Bernadette Gee at Magnolia Kitchen. Congratulations to Bernadette Gee at Magnolia Kitchen. Check out the Magnolia […]

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