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Learn how to bulk order nurse rubber stamps and save money case study

Order nurse rubber stamps. The Self-Inking Stamps team were approached by one of New Zealand’s District Health Boards. They asked if we could supply a bulk number of a special rubber stamps for their nurses and doctors. The rubber stamps were an important part of a package to help the hospital staff save time. Plus a lot of frustration with the hospital written process documentation. […]

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How much does a custom rubber stamp cost? Learn from the experts!

Custom rubber stamp cost FAQ. This is a question we get asked a lot. How would someone know what a stamp costs if they have never bought one before. If you are on a tight budget how can you get a great stamp without breaking the bank? There are some different things that influence a stamp price, and one will really make a difference.

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Case Study – Plastic label rubber stamp for seedling trays

A customer asked if we could make a label rubber stamp. They had run out of plastic labels. We were able to provide the best solution. What was the problem this customer needed solving? How to label plant seedlings when you’ve run out and cannot buy any more plastic labels? With the lockdown quarantine situation one of our customers had a problem of no more […]

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Stamp Design Winner and Save 20% OFF Multi-use Date Stamps!

The stamp design winner goes to Andrew at Kiwa Art of Parnell. This is a great large stamp. This one uses the largest Self-Inking Stamp the Trodat 5212. Excellent stamp for marking paper bags at this size. The nice and simple design with good line definition really makes this stamp mark stand out on paper. We couldn’t go past this one for January stamp of […]

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Stamp Design Winner and Save 10% OFF 2020 Dater Stamps!

2020 Dater Stamps Sale. Stamp of the month goes to Thames Art Gallery. They wanted a simple stamp with their name and a Pohutukawa image. This stamp used the Shiny SR552 rubber stamp. So we found their website and an image on there and adapted it for their stamp. The stamp they had chosen is the biggest round body stamp size at 50mm. This […]

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Adjustable DIY rubber stamps or TYPO rubber stamps.

DIY rubber stamps all you need to know Blog post. As a custom stamp maker, we get asked about some tricky stamping situations. There might be special office stamps, address stamps, special tick box stamps, chart stamps or table stamps. Most of these all fall within that search parameter of stamps nz a lot of people use when they don’t know quite which stamp to […]

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Replacement rubber stamp die case study for local medical centre.

Replacement rubber stamp die customer story Blog post. Our customer was looking for specific custom rubber stamps for their medical centre. They had difficulty finding anyone who could help them. They did a Google search, found us and asked if we could provide replacement rubber stamp die for their stamps. What was the problem the customer needed solving? Client on phone: I am making an […]

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Latest Stamp Design Winner and Get 15% OFF ALL Round Stamps!

The stamp of the month winner is Pam Colbert. The stamp is the Trodat 4630. This is a nice little round body stamp. This one can be squashed down and have an end cap placed over it to stop it marking everything it touches. Also, it will store in a small space. We loved this custom rubber stamp design! Order any of the below Rubber […]

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This month’s Rubber Stamp Design Winner is Krystal at PDV Consultants.

This month the rubber stamp design winner goes to Krystal at PDV Consultants of Hamilton. This Rubber Stamp Design stood out head and shoulders above anything else last month. We liked this custom rubber stamp design as it is a large stamp size impression. Used to show an element of space while using tick boxes and information to collect data. Often the stamps are so […]

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Our Latest Rubber Stamp Design Winner is All About Signs Ltd in Timaru.

This month the rubber stamp design winner goes to Johnny at All About Signs Ltd in Timaru. Congratulations to All About Signs Ltd in Timaru. Check out their signs at This Rubber Stamp Design stood out head and shoulders above anything else this month. Even beat off some multi-colour examples. They ordered a couple of stamps for their client and this one was on […]

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Mottled Paint effect for Custom Rubber Stamp Case Study.

Mottled paint effect rubber stamp designs are very popular and easy to buy online. Use simple text or an image or combination of both. Call us today to find out more. Rubber stamps are amazing for such a simple item. To be able to repeatedly mark the same mark over and over again consistently. There are specific marks required to be made by a rubber […]

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Our Latest Rubber Stamp Design Winner is Daily Organics Matakana!

Congratulations to Daily Organics Matakana who ordered this rubber stamp design. Delwyn from Daily Organics Matakana ordered this Shiny S829 stamp in Green ink. We did have to do some work here converting the bitmap image to vector form and replacing the text. This ensured a better stamping image on paper for them. Congratulations to Daily Organics Matakana! Also our laser engraving machine requires a vector […]

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