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Case Study – Plastic label rubber stamp for seedling trays

A customer asked if we could make a label rubber stamp. They had run out of plastic labels. We were able to provide the best solution.

plastic label rubber stamp

What was the problem this customer needed solving?

How to label plant seedlings when you’ve run out and cannot buy any more plastic labels?

With the lockdown quarantine situation one of our customers had a problem of no more plastic seedling labels.

  • Seedling trays, check.
  • Seed raising mix, check.
  • Seed, check.
  • Label the seed trays with the seed type.
  • Oh no ran out of labels!

We cannot get any more at the moment because of the quarantine lockdown what do we do?

Growing your own food is great way to be sustainable during the lock down, or any time for that matter. But how do you know what is planted in the seed punnets once you have planted the seed?

We have the laser engraving machine in quarantine, we have acrylic for engraving. How about we simply make the seed labels ourselves?

Is custom made plastic seedling labels something that Self-Inking Stamps can do?

label rubber stamp
Seedling Labels in tray

How did we help them solve the problem?

A plastic seedling label is just a piece of plastic with the name of the plant type written on it.

That should be possible to do. We have the time right now to do the graphic design of the shape and work out the layout of the text to make the label readable in the seed trays when tending them.

An exterior grade of two layer Trotec laminate can be used to make the labels. This material can handle exterior signage use and would be ideal for labelling the plants.

This time the 1.6mm thick Trotec Laser able Metallics Brushed Gold/Black was chosen. This material is usually used on Trophies labels.

Hey, we had it in lockdown so why not have a really fancy plastic plant label.

Measurements were taken of a label that was already in use and then designed in the graphic design programme.

Then the plant names were selected from the seeds planted. The text was turned around so they would read from the top down on the label once pushed into the punnets.

This design was then used to engrave then cut out the plastic plant labels in our laser engraving machine in one go.

What was the outcome for this label rubber stamp solution?

Problem solved. Plastic plant labels to the rescue. Plus, a spare one for the spring when the courgettes will be started. These small pieces of plastic were designed to the size they needed to be from existing items.

label rubber stamp

They just slide down the side of the punnet without displacing too much soil or disturbing the seed. The plant variety can be read easily.

The plastic plant label can be removed easily, cleaned and stored for the next batch of seed to be planted. Even better is these plastic labels can be custom made to any size and any shape you wish.

They can be custom engraved with whatever words are required for that plant variety or even instructions. While this method and material is expensive for bulk numbers it is ideal for special one off situations.

This is where custom made plastic plant labels can be really terrific. This sort of project could be used for any form of small signage for special events, gifts, trophies and weddings.

Contact our label rubber stamp team for more information…

If you are needing something like this custom made contact us and ask whether it can be done. You might be pleasantly surprised. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google.

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