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Replacement rubber stamp die case study for local medical centre.

Replacement rubber stamp die customer story Blog post. Our customer was looking for specific custom rubber stamps for their medical centre.

They had difficulty finding anyone who could help them.

They did a Google search, found us and asked if we could provide replacement rubber stamp die for their stamps.

What was the problem the customer needed solving?

Client on phone: I am making an enquiry about how long it takes to get some self inking stamps.

Self-Inking Stamps: Sure thing. These are NZ stamps and it takes around three days on average for you to receive a stamp.

How can we help?

Client on phone: Oh, wow that is fast. We have a Medical Centre and urgently need some rubber stamps for our doctors.

We ordered some replacement rubber stamp die for our stamps 5 months ago and haven’t got anything back yet. Can you help us?

Self-Inking Stamps: Wow, 5 months ago! Yes, of course we can help you straight away.

Tell us about the stamps you are wanting to refurbish and update to the new details.

We need to know the model numbers, so we know how big or small to make the new rubber die.

Are they Trodat rubber stamps, or Shiny brand rubber stamps or maybe Colop stamps?

We can ship these parts direct to you so that you can update the stamps yourself.

Client on phone: We can do that ourselves?

That sounds complicated. Oh, and we don’t have the stamp bodies any more we sent them to our stationery supplier.

Self-Inking Stamps: Don’t worry we have replacement rubber stamp die instructions on our website of how you can do that yourself.

No need to add extra cost of shipping the stamps out.

We try to keep your costs as low as possible to get the custom stamps you need made.

Are you able to get the stamp bodies back? Or do we start with new stamps?

How did we help for the replacement rubber stamp die problem?

As you can see from the above replacement rubber stamp die situation this medical centre needed help and fast.

They had doctors’ stamps that needed updating quickly.

In this situation to keep it going as fast as possible we needed to know a few things.

  • What brand of stamps have you got?
  • This helps us know if those bodies can be refurbished.
  • For a Trodat rubber stamp, or Shiny brand rubber stamp or a Colop stamp these can all have the rubber stamp die replaced.
  • What model numbers are on the stamps?
  • This gives us a size that the replacement rubber stamp die must be.
  • What would you like to have on this new rubber stamp die?
  • This includes all the text, or an image or both, maybe the font, font size, alignment of the text like centred or left justified etc.

From this information a proof sheet is created and sent to you.

When printed that is the actual size so you can check will it fit your current stamp body.

Also, all the details the stamp will make are there to peruse and make they are just how you want them.

If not just say what you need changed to get the perfect look you need.

These stamps must be how you need them.

While the process was happening for this medical centre discussion were around new stamp bodies.

Specifically for urgent cases and they requested their stamp bodies back from the stationery shop.

Which ironically only took two days! Then more questions were asked like:

Can we supply new custom stamps? Yes

Can we do small stamps for nurses? Yes

Also suggested for a medical practice where there are many stamps in the office.

Operating costs could be reduced by topping up at any time with few drops of ink.

Self-Inking Stamps stock Trodat rubber stamp ink and Shiny brand rubber stamp ink.

Another lower cost as medical practice may have a turnover of doctor and other staff is to replace the rubber die and ink pad on each stamp.

Plus have a new stamp for each doctor and at almost half the cost.

Self-Inking Stamps sell these at a discounted rate for the two items as a combo.

The discussion went on to how Self-Inking Stamps laser engrave the rubber stamp material to make these stamps.

Laser engraving? So, what else could you supply for us?

Can you do name badges?

Yes, we can laser engrave name badges.

A two part acrylic can be laser engraved removing the selected top colour layer and exposing the backing colour material.

A badge pin or a badge magnet can then be fixed to the back for the wearer to fix it to their clothing.

Any size can be made, and several different material colours can be selected.

Anything Else?

Yes, the name plate a doctor may have on their desk can be made the same way.

This then sits in a special aluminium stand to place on the desk.

Also, in the same way a door plate can be fixed to the door and the acrylic name slid into that.

The list seemed to keep growing.

What was the outcome for this customer?

In the end Self-Inking Stamps supplied several items for this medical practice.

  • New doctor stamps
  • Replacement rubber stamp dies of various sizes
  • Various name badges of one colour for the medical team with white background and black lettering.
  • For the front of house staff there were black background badges and white lettering.
  • These all had a pin fixing.

All of these were shipped overnight in one parcel after payment was received.

There is a flat shipping fee for anywhere in New Zealand via courier for any number of custom stamps.

You are probably wondering which nz stamps are the ones for your medical practice.

Here are some types of rubber stamps made for medical practices, doctors, nurses and District Health Boards commonly.

On the small end are the ones for individuals with name and reference numbers like

Henriette Stroeren

RN 12345

This sort of stamp is used with the 26x9mm stamp size

These include;

For longer names and more rows, the next size, up is 38 x 14 mm.

Barbara Joan McGillicuddy-Stroen

Registered Nurse 12345

Included here are;

For doctors there can be a lot of detail on the replacement rubber stamp die…

Like the doctor’s name, the practice name, address, contact phone number, registration numbers and ACC provider numbers.

Dr Jonathan Evan Heatherington

77E Harrold Fitzgerald Place

Smoke Ridge, Arbutton 0837

Ph: 05 123 4567       Fax: 05 123 4576

MC Reg 12321   HPI/ACC 123ABCD

Regular sizes for these stamps include;

58 x 22 mm

70 x 25 mm

For even more rows then the Trodat 4928 at 60 x 33 mm is a great option and a pretty good price for the size of it.

As you can see Self-Inking Stamps can supply stamps of all sorts of sizes for your medical practice depending on the need of the end user.

Into the future there is also ongoing support for stamp ink, stamp replacement ink pads and replacement rubber stamp dies.

Ideal for refurbishing stamps when staff change in your practice.

Browse our rubber stamp sizes to find something to suit your purpose from this pdf.

If you have a repetitive task, continuous prompting or need to use checklists save time and ensure compliance with custom stamps for your specific purpose.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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