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Trodat 4928 60x33mm

$79.69 GST Exc. $69.30

  • Text plate size: 58.8 x 31.8 mm (rectangular).
  • Replacement pad for the Trodat 4928 is the 6/4928 in black, blue, green, red, violet.
  • Climate-neutral as standard.
  • Clean, intuitive ink cartridge change without touching the ink – for clean fingers.
  • Incredibly small and light with pleasant, secure stamp grip.
  • Positioning window allows accurate imprint positioning.
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    Trodat 4928 the versatile stamp.

    This stamp has it all – good size and low price compared to other Trodat stamps smaller and larger than it. It is part of the Trodat Printy range of self inking stamps.

    Don’t worry about having to fill it all up we can put a really small image in there even just a full stop if you really want that.  Or we can fill it right to the limits.

    Think 58.8 x 31.8mm for your image as there is a bevel on the edge of your image so you can’t fill it up absolutely as the edges sometimes don’t work well then.

    Can I change the ink in the Trodat 4928?

    When the ink colour starts to fade in your stamp you have two choices.

    The first choice is to replace the ink pad.

    This Trodat 4928 has these ink pads here

    Or the second choice is to use Trodat ink and pour some in the ink pad.

    The standard five colours are available.  These colours are Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet.

    How do you change the ink pad you say.

    Have a look at these instructions here to find out how to change the ink pad in the Trodat 4928.

    Should you want your stamp to have another colour from our multi-colour range (Extra colour we call them and there is 11 more here) use this Trodat 4928 Extra Colour here.

    Can I have 2 or more ink colours?

    Yes you can using this Trodat 4928 MCI stamp which is a multi-colour stamp.  Two or more colours can be used in this model.

    How do I find a stamp a bit bigger or smaller?

    Have a look at this page here call Rectangles and you will find the range of sizes larger or smaller than the Trodat 4928 to choose from.  Smaller than this is the 4929 or 4913, larger will be the 4927.

    What ready made stamps are there using the Trodat 4928?

    We have made few up to buy like the Christmas stamps on this page.

    I have an old Trodat 4928 can I get a new rubber die in it?

    Please recycle your stamps and re-use them with a new rubber die.

    Follow this link to find the replacement rubber die for this stamp.

    If your ink pad has a big dent in it it may pay to change the rubber die plus the ink pad.

    Follow this link to find the replacement rubber die and ink pad for Trodat 4928.

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