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How much does a custom rubber stamp cost? Learn from the experts!

Custom rubber stamp cost FAQ. This is a question we get asked a lot. How would someone know what a stamp costs if they have never bought one before. If you are on a tight budget how can you get a great stamp without breaking the bank? There are some different things that influence a stamp price, and one will really make a difference.

What influences the rubber stamp price?

Is it the number of letters used for the custom rubber stamp? No.

We can change font size, character spacing, font type to a narrow font and graphically squash it sideways and fit different numbers of characters in the same width on a row of text. For the same amount of money.

Stamp text adjustment
Stamp text adjustment

Is it having an image in the stamp? No.

If you supply a vector image, we can size that to a custom logo stamp quickly at no extra cost. The engraving time of our laser engraving machine is the same whether it is an image or just text or just lines it is the same time to pass over that area of rubber.

Rubber Stamp Text vs Image no price difference
Rubber Stamp Text vs Image no price difference

Is it type of stamp like self-inking stamp vs traditional one with a separate ink pad? No.

Well mainly no. Smaller stamps are a lower cost for self-inking stamps. At mid-size they are about the same price. Larger sizes are where custom hand stamps with a separate ink pad are cheaper than the large self-inking stamps. For the large stamps, the custom hand stamp and rocker are the only options.

Custom hand stamp vs Self-Inking Stamp
Custom hand stamp vs Self-Inking Stamp

Can the cost be determined by the brand type of rubber stamp?

This can influence the price as each brand has its own price point. That does not mean the lower cost ones are rubbish and the higher cost are better. That is not our experience. We find different models from all the manufactures have their strengths and weaknesses. The image and shape of image to mark can suit brand and models better. We can help with that selection process.

Self-Inking Stamp Brands
Our Rubber Stamp Brands

Can the cost be determined by the size of the stamp?

Yes, the bigger the stamp the higher the cost will be. For self-inking stamps there is not a standard size. We get asked all the time for ‘the standard size’. Self-inking stamps come in a range of sizes. From 12x12mm to 116x70mm.

Various rubber stamp sizes
Various rubber stamp sizes

Different manufacturers have similar size points. For the custom self-inking stamp there are MANY standard sizes. As a traditional custom hand stamp, we manufacture these to the exact measurement required, to the millimetre. There is no such thing as a standard size here. The number one influence on price is size! End of story.

Big vs Little rubber stamp
Big vs Little rubber stamp

The larger the stamp the higher the price. There are more materials in larger stamps. It takes longer to engrave the rubber die for larger stamps. There is more ink in larger stamps or stamp pads. Engraving time skyrockets from a tiny 12 x12mm self-inking stamp up into the large professional grade stamps. Even more for the huge custom hand stamps and even larger rocker stamps. The massive ink pads for those stamps are super expensive.

How much will my customised rubber stamp cost?

When this question is asked our number one reply will be how big you need your stamp to be. If you need a very small stamp for a loyalty card these are the lowest cost as they can have an image up to 11.5 x 11.5mm in size. Please do not try and fit a huge amount of text or an amazing, complicated image in here as these are small stamps.

When you are stamping on a form and you must mark a particular place, like a box or field, measure that. We need to know that the stamp must be able to mark within that size and give you a little extra space just in case you cannot get a perfect aim every time for that space. A WOF stamp is a great example here. This is a tiny space that needs a lot of information in it and is critical to get this right.

If you have a document that might be a Government form, or an invoice book and you want the stamp to have all the text on the lines for these forms we can make them fit. Scan as a pdf, email that to us and tell us what the stamp needs to do, and we can custom make a stamp for that form.

Paper bags are a classic example of size makes a difference.

Some bags are small for things like spare parts or lolly bags. Others are food bags which are different sizes and with different ink requirements for non-porous paper. Then there are the large carry bags. There can be a massive size difference if you ask for a paper bag stamp. Measure your bag and tell us those dimensions as well as the size you would like the stamp to be on there and we can mock that up for you to see before you buy.

How do you select the right size of stamp for the measurements you have now, width x height in millimetres?

Most important is will your size of image fit in the smallest of any of the body shapes to get your cost of rubber stamp down. Check the width and height measurement against the various sizes and shapes available until you find one that it fits. The shape of your image and the shape of the stamp body is irrelevant. Also, your image size does not have to fill all the stamp area.  The size means up to, whatever that size might be. A single full stop can fit on any size of stamp. Take 1.2mm off the size dimension of the stamp body. We find that if we allow 0.6mm on each side of the rubber for the bevelled edge on the image we can get a full clear mark out of the stamp every time.

Different stamp types suit different sizes.

General everyday stamps with an image area up to 73.8mm by up to 36.8mm will fit on an all-plastic construction self inking stamp. These come in Round, Square and Rectangular body shapes. To go larger in the self-inking stamp the price leaps a bit into the professional grade stamps with a steel frame.  Great for high use situations. These range from 39.8 x 22.8mm up to 114.8 x 68.8mm.

These stamps come in Round or rectangular shapes. Here the largest round shape must go in the rectangular shaped 114.8 x 68.8mm size of stamp. It is the 68.8mm size that you can achieve the largest round size in. The very largest size of stamps must go on a traditional style of stamp with a separate ink pad. Smaller ones on a flat base plate type and large on the rocker style of stamp.

This allows for better pressure and contact with the page being stamped on. Size matters here too. Small custom hand stamps are more expensive than the mass produced self-inking stamps. As the size gets into the large all plastic construction self-inking stamps they become around the same price. However, these stamps are lower cost in the larger style of stamps.

Size matters for these hand stamps when it comes to the ink pad too.

We deduct 7mm off the dimension of the ink pad as maximum stamp size to fit. The smaller ink pads sizes of 90x50mm, 110x70mm and 160x90mm ink pads are not too expensive however over this size the ink pad price leaps. If you are concerned about what size, which brand, which style of stamp to choose to do not panic. We are here to help you to find just the right model of stamp for your needs.

Please tell us what you need on your stamp, attach a vector image file of your image if required, size required, ink colour, surface being stamped on (for ink type selection) and maybe your budget. With all that information we can email you a pdf sheet, proof sheet, showing you the exact size of your stamp, what stamp model would be and a price. It is your choice then to buy when you like it.

See what our customers are saying.

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

Perfect. Very professional and friendly people. Have solved my complicated request. It was very urgent and they did their best to supply on time. I’m very happy. Thank you so much for your great work and excellent service. I Highly recommend this business and will use again without a doubt.

Ninel Markovic

This is a brilliant company with fabulous customer service. I ordered stamps for my law practice at 2.30 pm on a Monday afternoon, they were shipped within an hour and arrived the next day to a rural address. Fast service, great communication and the product was reasonably priced and in perfect order. Impressed and highly recommend.

Marie Roberts

Wow what a great company. The whole process of getting a special stamp made couldn’t have been easier. Super happy with the end product and the speed with which it arrived to our rural location was very impressive. I can;t recommend self-inking stamps highly enough!

Nick Lassally

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