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Why Loyalty Card Stamps are important for Your Business

Loyalty card stamps help many businesses retain existing customers for a longer period of time. Loyalty programmes have been proven to be very successful marketing tools for business owners. Learn about why you should use loyalty card stamps in our latest blog post.

loyalty card stamps

Retain more customers with Loyalty Card Stamps

Loyalty card stamps can serve multiple purposes for your business. For instance, if you are a coffee shop owner, a loyalty card can remind customers of your business every time they look into their wallet. A loyalty program also gives your customers a “goal” to complete. Completion of the goal means they are rewarded with something, whether that be a free coffee or free cookie. Correctly setting a loyalty program will give your customers another incentive to return to your business.

We have Loyalty Card Stamps starting from $21!

We recommend both “Shiny’ and “Trodat” brand loyalty card stamps. The loyalty card stamps are 12 x 12 in size and are two of our most popular loyalty stamps. The stamp sizes are perfect for daily use as they are both small and light.

Before you buy, please check the surface of your loyalty card. Standard water based ink will smudge and smear off if stamped onto a glossy surface. We recommend changing to fast dry ink. Feel free to contact us at 09 412 9381 or complete our online contact form if you are unsure.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information

If you are unsure regarding any queries, please get in touch with our team. We love answering questions from our customers, it’s much better to gain clarity regarding an issue versus just buying and hoping for the best. We’ll help find the right loyalty card stamps for you!

Complete our online contact form or call 09 412 9381 and we’ll be happy to help you out. Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google Plus to receive our daily updates!


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