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Legal rubber stamps for your legal practice sold NZ wide. Fast delivery!

Legal rubber stamps for the legal profession. Self-Inking Stamps is often asked if we can make custom rubber stamps or personalised rubber stamps. The reply is always, yes we can. We get a lot of customers who are legal professionals and JP’s. We do this all the time for large and small legal practices all over New Zealand.

The enquiries we are getting from legal practices is growing rapidly. So we decided to publish this Blog post. These legal rubber stamps save you time and money. Legal rubber stamps are neat, tidy and stand out on the document page.

Most rubber stamp bodies are available in any of the five standard rubber ink colours. Or we can make one up for you from one of the multi-colour stamp inks.

The outside of the stamp body colour can also be a different colour like neon pink, neon orange or neon yellow. With a neon body colour these are really bright and easy to find on your desk. Inside them could be black ink.

Legal rubber stamps NZ

Legal rubber stamps are fast and easy to use.

Place over the spot to stamp the document, push down gently. Press when in contact with the paper firmly and evenly. Release and “hey presto all done!” Nice and quick, neat and tidy and no ink on you or anything else.

When the legal rubber stamp ink starts to fade you can replace the rubber stamp ink pad yourself. Or add extra stamp ink applied to the pad and popped back in again.

Yes we stock rubber stamp ink pads too. The fastest way to find the rubber stamp ink pad is to search products in this website. Type in the model number like ‘4912‘ and all the options for that stamp will display  for you. Or give us a call Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

The sorts of legal rubber stamps we can make include:

  • Exhibit legal rubber stamps
  • Certification legal rubber stamps
  • Verification legal rubber stamps
  • Legal office rubber stamps for documents with name, position and location etc.

There doesn’t seem to be a standard wording which is used so we adapt previously made ones or just design new ones for people.

There are some larger stamp sizes required for exhibit stamps or certification stamps. Especially when space it required to have the address, date and person’s name who is certifying the document.

Also the long bottom line is very regularly “A Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand” which can require a wider body stamp to fit that in.

Legal rubber stamps

We have a couple of large everyday stamps that work well for this purpose

The Trodat 4926 legal rubber stamp which is 75 x 38 mm. And at the same size the Shiny S830 75 x 38mm stamp, many customers use this lower cost one.

Examples of legal rubber stamps are worded here below

This sort of legal rubber stamp can go on a stamp body a lot smaller like 47 x 18mm. Again we have two brands to work with. The Shiny S843 47 x 18mm legal rubber stamp.

Or the Trodat 4912 legal rubber stamp which has eight different outside body colour to choose from. And three of those are neon colours to really stand out on your desk. You can’t lose these.

There are plenty of colours to choose from HERE.

Oh and if your work mate borrows it and doesn’t return it, busted, you can spot it straight away. Another lawyer stamp is one to assist people to save time writing their name etc. on each document.

The text used for legal rubber stamps would look like:

David Horatio Zhang


Nelson, New Zealand.

For this purpose the length of the name can alter the size of the stamp needed. To match another stamp being used that you like you can stamp it on some paper, scan it at high resolution. Simply email it to us and we can then trace over that to get the right size for you with a matching stamp.

Along with the 48 x 18mm stamp sometimes the smaller 38 x 14mm can work or the 58 x 22mm.

Again these two Trodat models have the same seven body colours to amuse you.

Another way we can help is to repurpose a stamp you already have. Maybe you have moved, staff members have changed or you just don’t use one any more and have something else it could help you with.

You can change the rubber die in the stamps yourself, click here for rubber dies to read how you can do that.

We can make a new rubber die for you to mount in the stamp body, maybe put in a new ink pad, and away you go with a new stamp essentially. Plus you are not filling up the tip with a product that can recycle.

So if you want to save time, keep clean these Self-Inking Stamps can really help in your busy day. If there is something else not here just email us with your needs and we can help pin point just the right stamp for you.

Contact our Legal Rubber Stamp expert team.

Finally contact Trent, if you have any questions or need further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+.

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