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New Release | Fantastic trodat pocket nurse stamp for people on the move.

Trodat pocket nurse stamp our brand new stamp which has just arrived here in limited stocks. Order the Trodat Pocket Printy 9511 38 x 14 mm.

This is a great nurse stamp. Small and easy to put in a pocket. It has its own attachment to put on a lanyard. Easy to use.

Just the right thing for a nurse stamp.

The most popular nurse stamp by far has been the Trodat Printy 4910 26 x 9mm stamp.

These stamps are small and able to be put in a pocket. One model has a carabiner to hook this on a lanyard, on a belt loop or whatever is handy, so it is always with you.

That is only the red body option which is limiting. The text area is small so that marking in confined areas is easy.

It has 6 body colours that Self-Inking Stamps stocks.

However, this nurse stamp popularity might change with this new release of the 9511 model.

trodat pocket printy 9511

The Trodat Pocket Printy 9511 is even smaller. At only 76mm long, 28mm thick and 27mm wide this one is small.

But don’t panic it isn’t too small in the stamp image department. It is larger than the Trodat Printy 4910. Yes larger.

The 4910 model has a 26 x 9mm plate to fill while the new 9511 model has a 38 x 14mm plate area.

That means a lot when you have a long name to try and fit in there.

You won’t have to squash the text up and use a narrow font anymore. Also, there is more row height.

In the 4910 there can be three rows of text at 7.5-point font size but that is once again squashed in there.

The new 9511 model can fit 5 rows at 7.2-point font size.

That is a big difference if you need to fit a lot in there. Hey, don’t worry you don’t have to fill it all.

If you only need a small amount of information like your name and below that your registration number that is all good in this stamp.

If you have to fit your mark in a small area just tell us when ordering what the width and height of that area is.

We can create a proof sheet at the correct scale to show you before you buy to help in your decision.

Now that we have our hands on one and not just the rah-rah promotion of a manufacturer what are our impressions to compare the two models 4910 vs 9511.

Trodat pocket nurse stamp 9511 vs 4910 Pro’s.

  • Smaller
  • No sharp corners, easy to slide in a pocket
  • Pocket clip
  • Lanyard attachment built in on everyone
  • Lanyard attachment is on the stamp rather than off a chain reducing length dangling off you
  • More stamp mark area for longer names, more rows and able to have larger fonts
  • Can be a multi-colour ink stamp – might have to wait a bit yet for us to get the specialised equipment for that part, watch this space
  • More body colours
  • Lower cost than the carabiner model
  • Easier to add a few drops of ink to the pad any time you like
  • No accidental stamping in your pocket
  • Nice in the hand

Trodat pocket nurse stamp 9511 vs 4910 Con’s.

  • Quirky using it with the fold out mechanism
  • Lanyard attachment point is not very wide compared to the carabiner
  • Not sure how the long term strength of mechanism will go.
  • You don’t know what the stamp will mark from the outside, who’s stamp is that one?
  • Might need a bit of practice to develop a technique to stamp this in one smooth movement of hand and wrist

9511 vs 4910

Are there any other models of stamp like this?

Yes, there is a similar product the Trodat Mobile Printy 9411. The same size outside and the same text area as well.

This one doesn’t have a lanyard point. Again, it is quirky with its mechanism when used.

Available in one colour here in NZ with the Red/Black combination.

Bulk orders could choose other colour combination however if that is of interest to you.

To be honest we prefer the new 9511. We can see why they developed this one.

How long will the stamp last?

I can hear you asking “………. yeah but how many stamping will this do?”

These stamps have a replaceable ink pad. Also, at any time you can top up with a couple of drops of ink.

The correct ink is Trodat 7011.

The bodies have been tested to death in the design and manufacturing phase and are capable of many, many thousands of stamping.

If you look after your stamp, I can’t see why this shouldn’t last 10 years. That’s pretty good.

What colours of these nurse stamps Trodat Pocket Printy are there?

This new range of stamps has eight different outside body colours.

trodat pocket printy 9511 body colours

Today we have just two of the colours in stock being the Black / Red and Black / Fuchsia.

If you like one of the other colours and want 10 or more then get in contact and we can sort a special import out for you.

The ink colour is black right now. The choice will be expanded later.

Can these be bought at discounted prices for bulk numbers?

Yes, these do have bulk discount prices.

A 10% discount off the advertised prices applies to standard price stamps when you purchase two or more self-inking stamps at one time.

If you are looking for greater that 20 at a time, we can negotiate great discounts depending on volume.

As mentioned, 10 or more at a time can obtain different body colours to what is in stock today. As of today, there is limited stock.

Generally bulk orders take 3 to 6 weeks to import.

Get together with your work mates and get a good deal.

If you are part of a DHB, District Health Board, then ask your purchasing office to get in contact to negotiate some new more appropriate stamps.

Any combination of stamp models and individual images on each of those stamps can receive the bulk discount pricing.

Pool together from your department all the stamp types you need, not just these new Trodat 9511 stamps.

Here is what is in stock if you want to order one right now.

Trodat Pocket Printy 9511 38x14mm Black Red body

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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