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Shiny S510 is the September Stamp of the Month!

The stamp is the Shiny S510 which is a little 12 x 12mm stamp.

shiny september stamp of month shiny s520windmill stamp for foxton windmill trust

What is ‘Stamp of the Month’?

We appreciate our customers, and we appreciate the time and effort taken into designing a customised stamp. We see plenty of stamps every day, and a few of these stand out to us. We choose a stamp of the month based on either the interesting way a particular stamp body is used, or the image alone. The one chosen this month was a great little image with some fine detail that worked and just stood out and caught our eye from the masses that month.  Great brand recognition in a small stamp used for loyalty cards! In this Shiny S510 example, you can get an image up to 11-11.5mm in there.

Any shape, just text or company logo is possible.

The Shiny S510 is set at a lower price than the Trodat 4921 for those who are budget restrained.

This particular Shiny S510 is being used on loyalty card with a glossy surface

We changed the ink pad from the usual water based one to a dry pad, and they are using a fast drying Noris 191 ink which is alcohol based to stamp with.  This stops the smudging however is a compromise as the ink being alcohol based does dry out over time.

These are eligible for the 10% discount on Self-Inking Stamps so equipping front of house staff is a little more cost effective.

These stamps can also have the rubber die replaced should you want to change the mark you are making and the ink pad can be replaced easily or topped up with ink.

The stamp has a little cap which slides off to stamp and then clip back on so you can put it in your  pocket without marking your hands or clothing.

If you have multiple stamps with a different image the little viewing window in the top shows you which one you have as every stamp marks this paper before we mount it in the top.  It also shows you which way around to turn it for the image on what you are stamping.

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