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Our Core Values at Self inking Stamps New Zealand

The core values at Self inking Stamps Auckland. When we produce an ink stamp it must work for our client, over and over again. That is important to us. We are proud of our work. The ink stamp has no value if it does not work for our clients.

We are a Versatile Self Inking Stamps Auckland Company

We get asked to make all sorts of things. Ink Stamps can be a bit random, one stamping method is great whereas another is not – it can drive us nuts. There are many factors that can be a problem when creating self inking stamps. When fonts are too small, lines too thin, or gaps are not big enough. This is where problems can occur for ink stamps.

self inking stamps auckland

Experience is Key when Creating Personalised Ink Stamps

On the whole, our Self Inking Stamps Auckland team can identify problems when we see the stamp design proof. We  have to consider that this ink stamp design may fail. We will warn people and tell them hey this stamp may fail because of so and so. Our performance results are set high for both ourselves and our clients. It is the clients choice in terms of whether they want to change the stamp design or see how it goes.

From here we cringe if it is a poor stamp design proof is given the go ahead, we try some little production tricks or test a particular part we are concerned about. Sometimes we do that while the clients are deciding to just check it out in case they say go ahead.

Testing is crucial for an Excellent Self Inking Stamp

We always test a Self-Inking Stamp unless a special ink is required. At testing we find out if it works well. Sometimes we make a mistake, yes we are human, and are not happy with the result. If we don’t like it then we stamp it all over paper, scan the result and send it to our client and say how does this look? In the end it is not our decision. If they don’t like it, that is where it stops. We will not charge for an ink stamp that cannot work well to our clients satisfaction.

If some people are happy with the result even though we aren’t, then that is what life is about. If our clients are nervous about whether their stamp will work, bottom line is, if it doesn’t work we will not ship it or charge for it. Get in touch with our team about our personalised self inking stamps Auckland services. We’ll create your self inking stamp and ship it to you anywhere in New Zealand.

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