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Trodat Professional Stamps 12 Reasons To Buy Custom Made

Okay so lots of reasons to buy Trodat Professional stamps. But what are they? What is a Trodat Professional stamp? Trodat Group are an Austrian company with two subsidiaries who supply Trodat Professional rubber stamps. Trodat make rubber stamps, both self-inking and the traditional style with a separate ink pad. Trotec make laser engraving and marking machines. Trodat Stamps can be argued to be the largest rubber stamp manufacturer in the world. The Trodat Stamp history goes back to 1912.

Here at Self-Inking Stamps Ltd we use a Trotec laser to custom make rubber dies to mount in the Trodat stamp bodies for you.

trodat professional stamps

Trodat professional stamps are the top of the range self-inking stamps made specifically for high use situations and to last for a long time when compared to all plastic body options of the Trodat Printy range.

Read why we advise Trodat Professional stamps.

Trodat professional stamps are the top of the range self-inking stamps made specifically for high use situations and to last for a long time when compared to all plastic body options of the Trodat Printy range.

trodat professional stamps

Here are the 12 reasons why to buy a Trodat Professional stamp

  1. Quality and strength
  2. Range of models
  3. Never run out of ink
  4. Recyclable
  5. Ergonomic
  6. Reliable
  7. Clean
  8. Can use thicker rubber
  9. Multiple ink types
  10. Climate Neutral
  11. Constant development of the range with new P4 models
  12. About 3 days to get your personalised Trodat Professional stamp

1. Quality and Strength.

These rubber stamps are constructed with a steel frame. The original versions of these professional grade stamps have a steel frame inside an outer plastic body. The steel frame is the base of the stamp that hits the paper, then up either side and over the top to the handle. It takes all the shock loading from being pressed onto thousands and thousands of documents. Yes, pressed please! A stamp is not a hammer. Or a machine gun to fire as fast as possible. It is a precision instrument. While they do stand up to repeated bashings how you treat your stamp will reflect in how long they last.

trodat professional stamps

The best method to stamp with any stamp is to place over the area to mark. Press down to contact the paper. Once in contact with the paper press harder to ensure full contact. With a large stamp even better is to provide pressure in a sort of circular manner without lifting an edge to make sure all parts of the rubber die make firm contact with the paper. Then release.

A Trodat Professional stamp is not stronger than a forklift. One of our Motueka clients found this out when it slipped of the machine and went under the wheels. Ouch! These stamps are terrific in the warehouse. This is their environment to handle all the bumps and bangs and high use. But care must be taken with them as well. Luckily as we keep all designs on file, we were able to replace the stamp very quickly and ship overnight for them to keep working.

trodat professional stamps

2. Wide range of rubber stamp models.

There are many variations within the group including date stamps, numberer stamps, DIY or TYPO, multi-colour, rectangle stamps and round stamps. The smallest images are from the date only stamps. There are 4 rubber bands to dial up the date you need and away you go. Receipted documents easily done. Step up from that is a date and custom area so if you have multiple branches, you can add a branch location and date.

You might have branches in Whangarei, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Napier, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin and each one has its own unique mark. Good news is there are bulk discounts when buying for all your branches at one time. For custom made stamps the smallest are 39 x 23mm image size right up to the world’s largest at 115 x 69mm. That one is massive. An excellent carry bag marking stamp. Use these for brand marking of your carry bags.

Small numbers of bags can be marked in store as needed. The lower cost of the bags makes these stamps very affordable. The setup fees for printing a minimum run of bags can often be higher cost than a stamp. The stamp can mark tens of thousands of bags. Utilise down time for staff in store and mark your own bags. For start-up businesses marking your own stationery can help with the first cost of getting your new enterprise going. Don’t worry if you are in a rural area our couriers can get these stamps to you.

3. Never run out of ink.

Hey. That’s a bold statement!

Yes, it is. These professional grade stamps have a removable internal ink pad. Because you will be using these stamps a lot you will over time notice the ink mark fading. The ink in the pad is running down. At any point in time the ink pad can be taken out. Then there are two options, replace with another pad – or top up with a few drops of Trodat ink. Never run out with a spare pad or ink bottle in stock. With a spare pad you could have some poor person continuously stamping all day. Poor them ☹

trodat professional stamps

And within seconds swap out the pad for a replacement one and they are stamping away again. Could you give them a little more time to recover that was too fast? Meanwhile a few drops of ink in that pad and its ready to go again. Always a bright fresh mark. Eventually the ink pad will wear out and can be replaced. Even if the stamp sits around for years without use the ink does not dry out. Special additives in the ink keep it moist and ready to use.

People come to our Huapai, Auckland base and show us their 10- or 15-year-old stamp and the ink is fine, and it still stamps well. While the ink pads have changed shape over time, they are backwards compatible with older models. To find your next ink pad take the current one out. Turn it over and find on the underside the number. For professional grade stamps that is likely to be 6/5 something, like 6/50 or 6/512 for the smallest and biggest ones.

10% discount when you buy 2 or more stamps.

Self-Inking Stamps Ltd can provide bulk order discounts. When your add two or more self-inking stamps to your order, you will get a 10% discount. Contact us for larger orders for even greater discounts. Any combination of rubber stamp can qualify. Also each stamp can have a different image. Contact our team for more Information.

4. Recyclable.

When investing in a stamp of this quality it is great to know it can be recycled for a new image. Yes, a new image. We have many coffee roasters that just replace the rubber die every time their blends change so they can mark their coffee bags with up-to-date information for their customers. Also, for pickers in warehouses when there is staff turnover a replacement die is made with the new person’s name. Often the design is the same and a blend detail changes. We have the design on file and just change the pertinent part of the design. We engrave the rubber to the new design on a new adhesive backing. Just that part is nice and small to ship to you in a DLE courier bag often on the next working day.

For changing marketing campaigns, the large models are terrific to get your message out there on paper bags. Only invest once on the stamp body. Change at any time the mark and the ink colour with that mark. We don’t encourage changing ink colours with the same rubber die unless you are changing to a darker ink colour. If you have black ink on the rubber die and swap in a red ink pad the very first time that rubber die just touches the red pad it will no longer make a nice red mark. The stamp rubber die needs to be scrupulously cleaned to make sure no ink is left to change to a lighter ink pad colour.

5. Ergonomic.

The Trodat Professional P4 stamps were awarded the Red Dot prize for design excellence. These stamps fit the hand well. They are easy to run with a simple press down and release action. You can easily aim them with open base area to the foot of the stamp and align with lines or boxes to mark within. The ink pads are easy to remove with a special lock position part way down where the pad will easily slide out. On the base are small rubber feet to reduce slippage on paper or plastic items.

6. Reliable.

Reliability is a remarkable thing about stamps. Every time you hand write it will be slightly different. If you are in a rush, it might be horribly different. Some people may find that handwriting hard to read or get the inaccurate information. With a laser engraved rubber die fine detail and text can be reliably marked and readable every time. We do not recommend font sizes below 6.5-point font size. However, with our current Trotec laser we are reproducing readable marks below that. It is common on smaller font sizes the centres of hooped letters like e, a, o is solid ink. With the largest of the professional grade stamps larger font sizes stop this being a problem.

For table stamp marks or chart type ones check boxes are reliably marked every time. This prompt for information can get you reliable information for your workflow path every time. It can help with quality control of products, ensure every person in the chain marks off their part in the process has been completed. That might be for manufacture, dispatch or administration.

7. Clean.

Yes, this is important. Who wants ink all over everything? That beautiful new white shirt?? An open ink pad can easily mark anything put down on it. A hand stamp still has ink on the rubber die when it is put down. On the edge and on the face of the stamp the extra ink not used is always there.

With a professional grade stamp the ink pad is internal. The body goes around the pad and the rubber die. At rest, the rubber die sits against the ink pad. The only time the rubber die, and pad are exposed is when you press down to mark. Then they are tucked away safely inside the body. There is no accidental marking.

8. Can use thicker rubber.

Trodat created a thicker rubber. Due to larger stamp impressions with the Trodat 5212 model and use on paper bags a different rubber was developed to mark bigger bolder marks. Usually, the rubber is 2.3mm thick. However, with a mark that may have a big gap between parts of a logo and bag moving and buckling when pressed firmly sometimes the paper can move up and touch the background rubber and make a mark as well. Yuck, just hate that overmarking. To combat that a 5mm rubber with a different shore rating (softer) was developed. This allows us to laser engrave deeper into the rubber and avoid that overmarking. Also, the softer rubber reduces the mottling effect of broad areas of ink common on stamps. We do have a lot of customers that are looking for that mottle effect to show the handmade branding effect.

trodat professional stamps

9. Multiple ink types.

Trodat rubber stamps come with a standard ink in five assorted colours. Black, blue, red, green and violet are the standard colours. Having said that we have another 11 colours in our range from the multicolour stamps which can be custom loaded as well. These inks are water based. Perfect for copy paper and plain cardboard. Even wood. Porous type surfaces.

However, there are special solvent-based inks that can also be used with these stamps for different surfaces like textiles, plastics, glass, steel and rubber.

The standard ink pad gets swapped out for a dry pad and you receive the solvent-based ink and refresher in bottles to only start using once you have the stamp. Being solvent based they start evaporating as soon as it is in the ink pad. The refresher keeps those ink solids in a liquid state for you to mark something with.

trodat professional stamps

10. Climate Neutral.

Trodat target carbon neutral as its standard for stamp production.  They redesign products to reduce the materials going into the stamp bodies. Also, post-consumer plastics are used in the manufacturing. Plus, on the roof of the factories are photovoltaic panels producing a lot of the electricity. All electricity is via renewable sources. All other carbon consumption is balanced out with WWF approved compensation to achieve carbon neutral production.

11. Constant development of the range with new P4 models.

Back in 2017 Trodat started redeveloping the professional range. New stainless-steel frames were designed. This is where that Red Dot design award was awarded. I tell you something about these stainless stamps. Smooth! Wow these are so nice to use. It is tempting to just sit there and stamp repeatedly because they are so nice to use. The range of these stamps with the stainless bodies is constantly increasing here in New Zealand. Different models become available and earlier stock moves through and hey presto new ones arrive. We must keep updating our photos on products as these ones arrive in our stock. Do search them out and have a look. Sexy. Okay they are stamps but for a stamp these are sexy. No, I don’t have a life can you tell? I’m too busy helping you guys out.

12. About 3 days to get your personalised Trodat Professional stamp.

For stamp timeline we generally have the following:

  1. One day for a proof, or to do a re-proof
  2. Less than a day to manufacture
  3. After payment is received the order is made, packed and on the next courier for next working day delivery (Schools do not have to pay up front before shipping)

Most orders take three days to having it in your hands and going crazy with excitement stamping everything in sight. All right only some people get that excited.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Do not worry about the specific stamp model if you are unsure. We are here to help with your custom-made table stamp. Email sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and tell us all about the stamp you need. With that information a proof sheet for you to print and check. When printed this will be actual size so you know whether this will work in your unique situation. Write on it and test it. Get the people who will use it to test it as well. A quote price will be provided for the stamp and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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