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wine bottle engraving blog post

Wine bottle engraving service for personalised gifts or bulk orders for your business

In this customer case study, we explore wine bottle engraving. This is the perfect example for cost effective laser engraving for a local wine maker. Contact Self-Inking Stamps Ltd to find out whether rotary laser engraving for your wine bottles will be suitable for your business. Our client runs a vineyard. This vineyard produces a select wine each year for an exclusive market. The select […]

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laser cutting auckland

Custom Made Cake Decorating Equipment, Made Locally in Auckland

Order Cake Decorating equipment from Self-Inking Stamps. A leading NZ company selling Rubber Stamp supplies and Laser Cutting services. Recently we had an enquiry from a customer asking if we could make an item for cake decorating. Have you had an experience when a question was asked, and you go looking and hey presto you are down a rabbit hole? This is not a daily […]

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custom design rubber stamps

Stamp Design Winner and Blog post about Our Laser Engraving Services

Its that time again to announce our pick of our customer’s rubber stamp designs for last month. We also have a useful Blog post about our Laser Engraving Services. Our latest stamp design winer was for a common seal stamp. We usually don’t show these as they are sensitive information for organisations. For this rubber stamp, we have distorted the name but left the other […]

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Trotec Laser Engraving Auckland Services, All you need to know.

Laser Engraving Auckland wide Services and information about the Trotec Laser Engraving Machines. Self-Inking Stamps is a business located in Auckland and also provides laser engraving services. Laser engraving can be applied for all types of products made from plastics, cork, wood, stone, glass, leather and fabrics. The Self-Inking Stamps team can produce high quality laser engraving work, using modern laser technology with Trotec laser […]

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Wine glass engraving for Mission Bay Tennis Club Case Study

Wine glass engraving for a local sports club. Last month we had an enquiry came in from our rotary engraving quote product on the website. We have many customers asking us to laser engrave glassware with their logo and measuring line. How did we help our customer solve the problem? There are two ways it can be done. We can take each wine glass and […]

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Order laser engraved office signs and machine tags for your business

High quality laser engraved office signs. For this Blog post we are talking about small and permanent office signs. Other laser engraved signs can include engraved labels, machine tags, machine labels, circuit board labels and even data plates. These laser engraved signs are made from a special two-layer acrylic based plastic. They are laser engraved and cut to any shape and size you like. However […]

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Learn how rotary laser engraving works for round objects like bottles and glasses

Rotary laser engraving is laser marking around the outside of a cylindrical object. In this Blog post we explain how custom rotary laser engraving or personalised rotary laser engraving is used. For off the shelf products made with a specific design the price can be easily worked out. However, when you want to personalise a gift or promotional product the pricing follows a different path.

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Using laser cutting to lower your prototyping cost and production cost

Read about laser cutting for prototyping. We had a case study of a project of our own for laser cutting a prototype. Then creating a laser cut jig for production items. Self-Inking Stamps Ltd. produces custom hand stamps. These are made of three parts, all parts are laser cut or laser engraved to make a final product. However, to make larger rubber stamps a rocker […]

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Custom desk signs ideal for your work place or event

Like self-inking stamps, custom desk signs are important time savers in your office. Having a clearly marked desk sign can help your customers find where they are trying to go. This can also save you time as well by reducing interruption and repeating the same instructions repeatedly. We can help your business be more efficient and save time.

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Quality Laser Engraving Cutting for Plastics, Metals, Wood and much more…

We offer laser engraving cutting for all types of products made from plastics, metals, wood, stone, glass, leather and fabrics. High quality work using modern technology and we offer the best prices in town. Send us your logo, new design artwork or text and we will laser engrave or cut the perfect signage, promotional product or special gift of your choice. You can also check […]

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Laser Engraving and Cutting Auckland Service by Self-Inking Stamps Ltd

We bought a new Laser Engraving machine for our Laser Engraving and Cutting Auckland Service. After 2020 events, we expanded our capacity. Self-Inking Stamps Ltd has been laser cutting and laser engraving for over a decade now. The bulk of the work has been for rubber stamp production. However parallel with that in a smaller way other work associated with a laser machine has been […]

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Personalised keyrings engraved using our latest engraving machine

Read about our latest customer story for personalised keyrings engraved with our brand new laser engraving machine. Read now to find out more. We were having a chat the other day about engraving in general. It was mainly triggered by ordering a new bigger, better, faster, stronger laser engraving machine. One of the team said how about we practice new products that are different from […]

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