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Replacement Date Bands For 2023, Order Now and Get 15% Off!

Read about replacement date bands and how to order for 2023. You might be on the last year of your date stamp. Simply rotate that rubber stamp band on one year to check you have the next year on it. Date stamps come with four rotatable bands. Two for day of the month. One for the month of the year. And one for the year. By rotating the bands, you dial up the date you need. This last band is time limited. They start with the year they are manufactured in. Then run for 12 years of use. Please do not expect everyone to have twelve years of use left on them.

The date stamp models that sell in high numbers will have the current year in the first band around the middle of that year.

Shipments land in New Zealand only a few times a year. Then the older stock is distributed first. For models that are more unusual and helpful for situations they are most likely to have been sitting waiting for that perfect person for a while and may have used a few of those years already. No there is absolutely nothing wrong with these rubber date stamps as they are made to last until the end of the year bands included.

Here at Self-Inking Stamps, we keep minimum stock numbers of daters.

This is so that we can respond quickly to your needs when one is required. Then we top up, often daily, from the NZ wholesaler to ensure the freshest stock is on our shelves. Late in the year is the time to check your date stamp. As each year rolls by you turn that last wheel just once. But what is the next one? How long have you had your stamp? Can you remember when you bought it? Please rotate the last wheel and see which year comes up next. Do you have the next year on there?

My date stamp has run out of years what can I do?

This is why it is important to plan ahead and to check before the end of the year. For Professional high use models of stamp the bands for the stamp can often be replaced and at a fraction of a new stamp price. At the end of the year, you ship the stamp to us. We change out the bands. Then early in the next year you are away with a new date. Do check with us beforehand to make sure your model of stamp can be updated. Unfortunately for all plastic construction model’s replacement is the only option.

This is an excellent time to check the entire process around using a date stamp.

  • Is there more information that is also repetitive done at the same time?
  • Could the information be used and built into a custom date stamp for your needs?
  • Is the ink colour good for your use?
  • Can you see it quickly, would a distinct colour be useful?

Have an assessment of the stamp use and see if you can save yourself time and remove repetitive tasks that a cost-effective stamp could help you with.

What next to order your date stamp replacement date bands?

Contact a rubber stamp specialist like Self-Inking Stamps. By specialising in stamps the full range of every day and specialist date stamp models and various brands will be known and understood to enable selecting just the right date stamp model for your particular use. Rubber stamp makers will often have many stamp brands to choose from like the three bands stocked here.

Why cannot I go to my stationery supplier and get my custom date stamp you say.

That is easy to answer. A stationery supplier is not a stamp specialist. They rely on custom stamp makers to provide them with a tradable item. Or they buy direct in bulk with a wholesaler for off the shelf generic date stamps. Also, the floor employee will not have the training or depth of knowledge a custom stamp maker will have. Our goal is to find the specific stamp that will best suit your needs, has a range of ink colours and type, save you time in the process of using the stamp and keep your capital cost low for the purchase as there is no go-between trying to make a living as well. Plus, a stamp maker will have all the backup supplies of replacement ink pads specific to that model and ink to top up those pads.

Are there several types of date stamps?

Absolutely! While there are varied brands there are also many styles. There are two main styles being self-inking stamps and traditional hand stamps with a separate ink pad. There is a vast range within these two styles.

Traditional Date Stamps

These date stamps seem primitive however they are extremely useful for larger date characters. These rubber date stamps range from 3 mm through to 9 mm tall characters. Specific documentation may require a larger date. As these date stamps do not have an outside shell, they are easier to aim to mark a specific spot. They are great on a curved surface as the rubber stamp can be placed and rolled around the curve to mark. Different ink types can be used from water based standard ink to solvent based inks for specific surfaces.

Self-inking Dater Stamp

Here the date is in the centre of the stamp. The exception to that rule is a couple of extremely large ones with two dates and off to one side or the other. However, overall, the date characters are the same height and in the middle. Some models are just the date and nothing else. Nice and simple and low cost. Other models have a small space to the left or above the date. Perfect to print a name, Best Before or Paid.

After that above and below the date are the prime real estate of a date stamp. They can vary from as small as 41 x 24mm size right up to 116 x 70mm. Many models are in between and include round models. There are even round date and time stamps when that time mark is high importance on documents. There are a couple of models with smaller font size and different layout.

Is there another way of stamping the date?

Yes, there is another way and there are some options around character height and a unique way of marking the date? Here we can change to a Numberer stamp. These are stamps just like a dater however with just the numbers on each rotatable band. By writing the date like 01/12/2032 you can use a 10-band numberer. Or for a smaller width of stamp 01/12/32 can be achieved on an eight-band numberer. Also, different date layouts can be achieved for each country.

Are different fonts available on the date?

No, the font of the date part of the stamp is fixed. It cannot be changed. The bands are mass produced in a factory and installed into a broad range of models. This font might be best described as a narrow or condensed style looking a bit like Arial. Everything else around that can be any font you like, within reason.

What is the minimum number of stamps I can by?

Just one. Yes, one at a time is possible. Most of our sales are just one stamp. Find a solution, fix it, move along with a more efficient life.

Can anyone buy from Self-Inking Stamps?

Yes, anyone can by here. Private individuals, legal practices, businesses, graphic designers, sign writers, retail stores, Schools, District Health Boards and Government Departments all buy from Self-Inking stamps every day.

Can I buy upon invoice?

There are two methods of payment accepted. Credit Card. Or via funds transfer on internet banking methods. We can send an invoice to you for payment before shipping. That can be paid either way should you not wish to use the website to purchase. Yes, purchase orders can be used, however payment is still required before shipping unless financing is organised by prior arrangement. Shipment via courier to anywhere in New Zealand is our normal delivery method.

Can I get a bulk discount on dater stamps?

Yes. There are a range of discounts available. It starts with buying two or more self-inking stamps at one time and get a 10 percent discount. That is any two self-inking stamps not just date stamps. What else around your office needs to be streamlined. Make yourself more efficient, save time AND receive a discount for that. Sounds like good business sense. If you are looking to purchase twenty or more at a time, we can offer specific quotations for bulk purchasing to anyone. If you need a date stamp, contact us, we enjoy finding solutions for people. Use our knowledge to help you find a solution to save you time and frustration in your daily tasks by investing in a custom-made date stamp.

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