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Quality Laser Engraving Cutting for Plastics, Metals, Wood and much more…

We offer laser engraving cutting for all types of products made from plastics, metals, wood, stone, glass, leather and fabrics. High quality work using modern technology and we offer the best prices in town. Send us your logo, new design artwork or text and we will laser engrave or cut the perfect signage, promotional product or special gift of your choice. You can also check out more about our Laser Engraving Services here

Our team can work with a wide range of materials and make a wide range of effective signage for your business, your home or for personalised gifts. The possibilities are endless. A custom sign for example can be laser engraved, laser cut or custom made from individual letters or shapes, using plastics or why not a stunning natural wood. Order Laser Engraving and Cutting NZ.

Laser Engraving and Cutting NZ.

A lot of our work for customers is laser engraving and laser cutting using acrylics. We also make a lot of traditional style hand stamps and rocker stamps using laser cut acrylic base plates and handles for rubber ink stamps. Beyond this there is a vast array of solid one colour acrylic and laminated acrylics. Laminated acrylic can produce some stunning effects for artwork and signage.

cheese board laser engraving

Laser Engraving for Wood Products.

We can laser engrave and cut wood up to 12 mm thick. MDF is a fantastic wood material to cut.

Laser Engraving for Glasses & Bottles.

We can laser engrave cylindrical objects like wine glasses, wine bottles and hot or cold drinking flasks.

wine glasses laser engraving company
laser engraving cutting nz

Laser Engraving for Thermos Drinkware.

We can laser engrave cylindrical objects like wine glasses, wine bottles and hot or cold drinking flasks.

Laser Engraving for Acrylic Office Signage.

We can laser engrave most types of plastics, acrylic being the most popular in demand.

laser engraving cutting nz

Trotec Speedy 360 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Technology.

High precision Laser Engraving Cutting. Larger bed area – 800 x 500 mm cutting area is now available. Taller items can be engraved from 180 to 280 mm in height depending on the lens appropriate for your engraving. This machine is extremely fast moving at 3.55 metres per second when engraving at top speed.

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