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Custom Rotary Engraving (Free Quote)

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Get a quote for laser rotary engraving round items.
Describe what you have and what you would like to engrave on it with all the fields below.
For more information about rotary engraving please read our rotary laser engraving blog post.

Rotary engravable items are:

  • Wine glasses
  • Champagne glasses
  • Wine bottles
  • Steel vacuum bottles and cups
  • Drinking glasses
  • Wooden rolling pins

Minimum amount 1 item
Maximum – no limit

Item(s) to be supplied by:(Required)
If you are supplying the item how will you get them to us?
Max. file size: 100 MB.
Accepted file types: cdr, ai, eps, svg, Max. file size: 100 MB.
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What can I rotary laser engrave?

There are a wide variety of items that can be rotary engraved. If it is round or cylindrical and is made from the same material as regular laser engraving it could be done. Generally if it is organic it can be engraved.

  • Wood like a rolling pin
  • Glass like champagne flute, wine glass, beer glasses, beer handle
  • Steel needs to have a painted surface. Here the paint is removed on items like vacuum insulated bottles and cups
  • Cardboard like shipping tubes

Testing is important.

Having a spare item to test helps a lot to get a great result for you. Testing is included in the cost to engrave your item. The more items you need engraved the lower the per unit cost.

Generally if we supply the materials we have already gone through the testing process and will not charge for that part of the process.

How much detail can be laser engraved?

The laser engraving process can engrave at up to 1,000dpi. This can achieve stunning small detail with fonts as small as 4 point in size in glass. It is really hard to read with the naked eye and for vision impaired people you will need your glasses on and/or a magnifying glass to read text this small. Black and white photographic quality is achievable depending on the material being engraved. However remember that the smaller the detail the harder it is to see. Bolder designs have a greater effect.  This is most pronounced on wood where lower dpi and different laser settings achieves more visually appealing results. The higher the dpi the slower the process is as each row of dots processed at a time is much smaller. This can add to your cost.

Can you engrave all the way around an object?

Yes. With the rotary unit the item to be engraved can be fully rotated 360 degrees. This will allow engraving on opposite sides as well. If it is important to match the image being engraved on the start and finish point this can be difficult to achieve. If there is ANY taper at all to the object then the engraving will not match. If the start and end points of the image are not important to match then a full wrap is possible to engrave.

How big an object can be rotary laser engraved?

Oh this is good question as each machine has a different bed size. For our machine an object up to 550mm long and 207mm in diameter can be engraved. An item up to 10kg maximum in weight can be supported. The end shape of the object can vary these specifications. This is for items held by each end.

Or with a side roller type where the item just turns balance on top of roller the length can be up to 745mm and a diameter of up to 96mm. Up to 3kg items can be engraved this way.

Can I have a curve sided object engraved?

The best engraving happens when the laser beam is focused perfectly on an object. Like a camera when out of focus the result is not too good. This is the same with a laser beam. Like a camera we can use different lenses with a different focal length to increase depth of field. However that is not very much. For the best results on glasses a small focal length gives the best results.

Therefore the flatter the surface along the line of travel of the laser beam the better. If you imaging a flat sided wine bottle then that flat side is just right. However if you think tennis ball then that is extremely difficult. Right in the middle is good then as you move away towards the top or bottom the beam will not reach correctly and the mark will become blurry and eventually not mark at all.

How about a glass? Some have flat sides like a champagne flute and are fine. Others are more balloon shaped and have to be tilted to get the angle better on the machine. There are adjustments which will do that but only so far. Carefully consider how big that mark needs to be and where on the glass it could be positioned. Also the larger the mark on a curved area there will be distortion of the image. If you take a piece of paper and try to wrap that around a wine glass you find it will wrinkle up to try and match the compound curves. That is why a flat 2D image on a page does not look the same on a 3D surface of a glass.

How much does rotary laser engraving cost?

Well …….

It depends ……..

Here are the variables that change the cost of engraving:

  • Graphic design time for converting your image to a vector image for laser engraving print file and supply of a proof for you to check and approve before commencing any work
  • Testing for laser engraving effect on the specific item if applicable
  • Who supplies the material you or us
  • Number of items to engrave
  • Time to laser engrave the item(s) and labour
  • Packaging for transport
  • Administration for all the paperwork involved with communication, invoicing and payment

After all these variables are calculated we can advise a price to you.

Bulk discounts.

Here is the part of interest to you. Can I get a bulk discount for laser engraving? Yes.

If the item is the same image on multiple items the set up time is able to be spread out over the number required and lowers the cost per item. One item is expensive by comparison. Two, three or ten items lowers the cost per item. Over a hundred items can make quite a difference to per item cost. We take the number of items and the number images into account when pricing your project up to ensure we can get your cost of production down to the minimum. The faster we can do your job the lower your cost. And in return the faster we can produce your work the faster we can help the next person. Everyone is happy.

How do I get some engraving work done?

If personalised engraving is of interest to you to have something custom laser rotary engraved you can use this quote product to obtain a quote. We need to know particular details to be able to help you and until we have it all we can’t help you. This Quote form will assist both of us to get a great result quickly minimising back and forth question and answer time. It can save days. The quote is free and there is no commitment to buy.

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