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Custom Engraving Beer Handle 500ml


Order your custom engraving beer handle.

The 500ml beer handle is included in the price.

Also includes the custom engraving.

Text in thicker font types engraves very well.

Some images are possible. Enquire to see if your image is suitable.

The price per handle goes down for more items per order. Get some for your friends too at the same time.

This price is for just one side of the handle.

Use the dropdown to choose 1 handle, a pair or 2 handles or a half dozen for your mates.

For over 6 handles email mail us and we can quote for a bulk order price.

Minimum amount 1 item
Maximum – no limit

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 100 MB.
    Add a file to the order
    Proof Required?(Required)


    Order your Custom Engraving Beer Handle 500ml to your specifications.

    Your text and or image is engraved on a great solid 500ml beer handle. These things weigh a bit so don’t drop them!

    Images can be engraved on either side. Do tell us if you want the image facing you when drinking from the handle. And what hand that might be. A lefty will show everyone else the engraving and see nothing themselves if engraved on the wrong side.

    How much detail can be laser engraved?

    The laser engraving process can engrave at up to 1,000dpi. This can achieve stunning small detail with fonts as small as 4 point in size in glass. It is really hard to read with the naked eye and for vision impaired people you will need your glasses on and/or a magnifying glass to read text this small. Don’t go small. Nice and bold is better. Black and white low res photographic quality is achievable depending on the material being engraved. However remember that the smaller the detail the harder it is to see. Bolder designs have a greater effect.

    Can you engrave all the way around an object?

    Yes. But not near the handle. With the rotary unit the item to be engraved can be fully rotated 360 degrees. This will allow engraving on opposite sides as well. The price increases the further you go around the handle. For height the price does not change much. Going around the handle further costs more.

    How much does rotary laser engraving cost?

    Well …….

    It depends ……..

    Here are the variables that change the cost of engraving:

    • Graphic design time for converting your image to a vector image for laser engraving print file and supply of a proof for you to check and approve before commencing any work
    • Number of items to engrave
    • Time to laser engrave the item(s) and labour
    • Packaging for transport
    • Administration for all the paperwork involved with communication, invoicing and payment

    After all these variables are calculated we can advise a price to you.

    Bulk discounts.

    Here is the part of interest to you. Can I get a bulk discount for laser engraving? Yes. It is highly advised.

    If the item is the same image on multiple items the set up time is able to be spread out over the number required and lowers the cost per item. One item is expensive by comparison. Two, three or ten items lowers the cost per item. Over a hundred items can make quite a difference to per item cost. We take the number of items and the number images into account when pricing your project up to ensure we can get your cost of production down to the minimum. The faster we can do your job the lower your cost. And in return the faster we can produce your work the faster we can help the next person. Everyone is happy.

    How do I get some engraving work done?

    If personalised engraving is of interest to you to have something custom laser rotary engraved you can use this quote product to obtain a quote. We need to know particular details to be able to help you and until we have it all we can’t help you. This Quote form will assist both of us to get a great result quickly minimising back and forth question and answer time. It can save days. The quote is free and there is no commitment to buy.

    Additional information

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    No. of Handles

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