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Congratulations to our rubber stamp prize winner

We would like to say congratulations to Kirsty Batters our Competition winner for the Easter Tomorrow Schools Competition.

Self-Inking Stamps have given Kirsty a new multi-colour rubber stamp to use and we think it is a stunner.  We hope her students do too.

While it wasn’t possible to have the minion its usual colour combination we could work with the image and create something a little unusual for Kirsty.


How did Kirsty’s multi-colour rubber stamp work as a two colour stamp?rubber stamp winner 2

The Trodat multi-colour stamps are exciting stamps as there is 2 or more colours possible in a stamp.  We have a test one here with 15 colours in it !

However you have to work within the two major rules.

  1. Each colour must be 2.5mm apart from each other.
  2. Each individual piece of colour must be more than 7mm by 7mm in size.

Kirsty chose an image and asked if we could make it for her.  It was a little tricky but we really wanted to make this rubber stamp.  What a stunner it is.

There are going to be some very pleased children at Ruawai College when they get this stamp on their outstanding work.  Well done to all you kids that get one of these stamps on your work and keep the good work up.

With Kirsty’s stamp we could keep the gap between the black Minion and the blue text just over 2.5mm and fit it on the Trodat 4927 stamp at 60 x 40mm.


Want to win a Tomorrows Schools competition?

How do I win a rubber stamp I hear you say?  Well head off to the Tomorrows Schools Today website http://www.tstnz.com/   and keep an eye out for the competitions in amoungst the great articles during the year.  Maybe you too can have a new rubber stamp as a competition winner.  There are some pretty good other prizes to be won too.


I want a new stamp now!

If you can’t wait until then, then just choose one from our wide selection of rubber stamps both Self-Inking and traditional rubber stamps.  There is going to be something that will suit you here.

Back on our home page you can figure out if you want a Self Inking Stamp or a traditional rubber stamp.  Then follow some options for each of those types to find just the one for you.


Happy Stamping.



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