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Hand Stamp

Hand Stamp

Hand stamps are a great alternative to the self-inking stamps we mainly work with.


We have a custom hand stamp that is made to your requirements.


Ah yes the edge of the stamp marks too!  A border helps but not always necessary.

When Trent took over the company he was new and questioning everything to try and get best or better quality results for our clients.

Trent noticed on the hand stamps that the large square, rectangular or round base plates just didn’t look right with the rubber shape well inside that area and then the overhang as such marking as well by accident at times too.  Yuck.lily_pad_stamp

He was a beginner and making these marks he knew our clients would be too so that had to change.

So Trent experimented and found if he put a tight perimeter to the rubber and then cut the acrylic base plate just a nudge bigger those random marks reduced significantly.  It takes more time to set up but delivers the results.

Have a look at the photo to the right here as an example.


That is why now we cut the base plate close to the shape of the image giving a better stamping result.

The stamps look a bit whacky at times but the only thing that is important is a high quality image produced on paper as many times as possible.


Or there are adjustable dater stamps and numberers and some really handy DIY type ones for specialist applications.


There are many applications that require something different that suits a hand stamp or there is the old world charm of a traditional hand stamp.

Some of our clients use the very small 3mm high ones to get into circuit boards where space is really restricted.  Other people use the really large ones in packhouses and factories to use on their packaging and crates.  Some of the really small ones are used as “Best Before” stamps on their products.

Custom Hand Stamp

Traditional Dater Stamp

These products require a separate ink pad to use.

Choose one on this page here.  Usually the Small ones are sufficient for these hand stamps

Traditional Numberer Stamps.

These products require a separate ink pad to use.

Choose one on this page here.  Usually the Small ones are sufficient for these hand stamps

If you have a specific use for a hand stamp and have some questions contact us here.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.

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