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Company seal stamp was also known as Common seal stamp

A Company Seal Stamp or also known as a Common Seal Stamp was required to be used for all organisations in New Zealand. However, since 1993 a “common seal stamp” for a company was no longer required. Also all the guidelines for a common seal were abandoned.


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Most of the time a company seal stamp is required for foreign companies. We have lots of export company customers using company seal stamps.

Please make sure your export destination will accept your company seal stamp. Or you may need to check the minimum requirements for the country export destination. Or consult a lawyer if you are unsure.

For a society a common seal stamp is required.

The minimum requirement is generally for the “number of words used for the company name.” Also the company number and the actual “common seal”. There is no other requirements for the common seal stamp design.

Common items included in a common seal stamp are the company number or the incorporated society number. If you are unsure what should be on a Common Seal, then you will be best to seek legal advice, as it is a matter of interpreting legislation. Make sure you also read our common seal stamp page here…

So there you have it, you can decide the shape and layout for your company seal stamp.

Here are some company seal stamp bodies used. These are generally round and easy for you to find on your desk. However they could also be square with a round image or rectangular.

The shape of the seal stamp image does not matter as it can go on any stamp body. The best fit using optimised space is the stamp body for you!

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