Common Seal Stamp Design

45mm Round-round-seal-01Company Seal Stamp Design can also be known as “Common Seal Stamp”.

A common seal stamp is regularly made to look like the image to the right here.  Self-Inking Stamps make many designs.  There is a pdf of 10 different designs to view, use the form below to ask for it to help you with your design choice.  All stamps are custom made to order just the way you need it.  If there is something in particular you need or what to replicate a design you have seen just tell us what you need and we can create a free proof sheet for you to check before manufacture.

In New Zealand since 1993 a common seal for a company  is no longer a requirement and the guidelines for a seal have been abandoned.
This is great for you as you can have a common seal stamp design exactly as you like one.  We find these are used extensively overseas so if you are an exporter please make sure that your destination will accept your common seal or that you have the minimum requirements of that country to which you are exporting on your seal.  Consult your lawyer for more detail there.

For a society a common seal is required.  The minimum requirement is the “words of the society”, number and “common seal”.  There is no other requirements for how that is laid out for a stamp.  So there you have it, the shape and layout can be as you would like your common seal.

Common items included in the stamp are the number of the company or incorporated society.

If you are unsure what should be on a Common Seal, then you will be best to seek legal advice, as it is a matter of interpreting legislation.

Here are some common stamp bodies used.  These are generally round as it is quick to see which stamp to use when you have multiple stamps on your desk.  However they could also be square with a round image or rectangular.  The shape of the stamp image does not matter it can go on any body.  The best fit and least wasted space is the stamp body for you.

These stamp sizes are the most commonly used for Common Seal Stamps.

For Self-Inking Stamps 40mm in diameter is the most commonly used size.
The Trodat 4642 is perfect for this use.  It locks down and then a cap clicks on it.  Nice and clean so the ink does not get on everything.  Great for when you are traveling to reduce the space in  your luggage.  Best price however is the Shiny S542.

What about some other suggestions then?

There are different body sizes in round or square.  Even try a rectangular one for some funky shapes.

Multi-colour common seal is cool!

How about one of these multi-colour beauties then? Two or more colours in one stamp.  There are some rules for these designs and you can read about that on the multi-colour stamps page HERE.

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