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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rubber stamps are very popular in 2019 & 2020

AML rubber stamps are a big seller here at Self-Inking Stamps. Order your AML stamps quick and easily with fast delivery. AML rubber stamps are a big seller here at Self-Inking Stamps. Back in June 2013 the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 came into force.

This has created a lot of work for the various professions and service groups in New Zealand working with clients and document certification. Unfortunately, these people are spending vast amounts of time writing the same thing over and over again to certify documents.

Self-Inking Stamps have a certify documents stamp solution.

When the same wording is required repeatedly a stamp will save you a huge amount of time. These Self-Inking Stamps are quick, clean, and easy to use. Pick them up, place on the spot you wish to make the stamp mark, push down and release. All done. Every time the same legible, neat, and small area of text is placed on paper.

We have found there are vast variations on a common theme. Quite often individuals or different professions require slightly different wording. That is not a problem as we make custom stamps. If you have a particular need just discuss it with us and we can create a perfect stamp for you.

Customised AML rubber stamps made for your situation.

There is a commonly used wording for legal stamps involved in providing certification. We have found the wording in a New Zealand Law society blog post from 28 February 2014 works for most legal stamping situations.

Here are those two AML rubber stamps most commonly used.

Even these AML rubber stamps are personalised to you as the three bottom lines of text are for your personal details. These could also be just lines so they can be generically used by anyone qualified within your practise.

Should you require personalised rubber stamps please contact us at sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and describe with plenty of details what you would like in your perfect stamp.

Personalised AML stamp design guide.

Here are the most important details we find are required to consider for your custom stamp design.

Size is always paramount as this changes the cost.

If we can keep the size smaller the all plastic construction stamps are lower price. Going larger like 68 x 47mm, 85 x 55mm or the largest one 116 x 70mm are Professional grade high use Self-Inking Stamps with a steel frame.

While these are fantastic stamps the price leaps into this range. We have recently had feedback from a legal practice that the larger 85 x 55mm stamps are a bit too large for them to use regularly on their desks.

Sizes used are 70 x 30mm, 60 x 40mm and mostly 75 x 38mm. These are easy to use, relatively small and can contain a surprising amount of text. Please do not ask to write a novel in there, these are small limited spaces to fit everything in.

Through graphic design abilities space can be efficiently maximised by changing letter spacing, word spacing, row spacing, font and font size. Do remember the more cluttered the space is the harder it is to read.

The precise wording.

Check the precise wording you require. Sometimes the institution requiring that certification needs a particular way or wording of your certification. We have many JP stamps customised to their particular clientele requirements.

We receive a lot of colourful language about particular financial institutions demanding a particular unnecessary wording which is specific just for them. While we would be happy to sell you many stamps this can be cumbersome on your desk and unnecessarily using the resources of our planet.

Do you require a particular font?

Quite often stamps are made with a particular font. This can be a little tricky in these stamps as space can be a limiting factor. This can mean a small font size is required to fit everything in a limited area.

We recommend a minimum font size of 6.5 point for common fonts to ensure readable stamp marks on paper. Small fonts can have problems with solid centres to the hooped letters like a, e, and o. While common fonts such as Calibri and Arial are used all the time it is common to change to a narrow font type to fit everything in.

Arial Narrow font can keep the theme of Arial going we have found that Utah Condensed can fit even more words in the same length. Fonts that have one thin side of a letter, like Times Roman, in a small font size can be tricky for a stamp.

The rubber gets so thin it cannot collect enough ink to transfer to the paper and it can regularly or intermittently not mark the paper at all at these tiny places. That is highly frustrating. It can make reading the mark difficult. We hate that situation.

Self-Inking Stamps Ltd test all stamps before dispatch.

If we believe a particular stamp is not upholding our high standards, we will not let it ship. A discussion is starting to show how that stamp marks and some options around changes to get a successful stamp will be made. Quality customised stamps to be proud of are our goal.

Signature and writing space.

Have a think about this part. Someone has to do some writing or sign within the stamped area or alongside of the stamped area. The particular layout of where that writing is made can make a difference to the size, equals price, of that stamp required.

We always recommend ‘yes proof required’ when purchasing this type of stamp on our website. A proof sheet is created and sent to you via pdf file. When printed this is actual size. Find the person this personalised AML rubber stamp is to be made for and ask them to use it the way they normally would.

Is there sufficient space for them? A cleverly designed layout can provide writing area outside of the stamp mark. Then the placement on the page becomes the only limitation for space. That can lower the stamp size required and the price you pay.

AML Rubber Stamp Ink colour.

Do you require an ink colour to stand out on the page or something that copies well? There are five standard ink colours for the stamps generally depending on the model chosen. They are black, red, blue, green, and violet to choose from.

The bulk of all rubber stamps are black ink. It copies well is the basic answer for that.

If you want something different, we can make one with one of the colours from our multi-colour stamp range. This does cost extra for these stamp ink colours.

What are you stamping on?

This question might seem a bit odd. However, the standard ink is water based. Perfect for copy paper and porous surfaces. However, if you are to stamp on a coated surface, gloss paper or other non-porous surfaces the standard ink will smudge or wipe off. A different ink we can supply is required for non-porous surfaces.

Rubber Stamp brands.

There are different stamp brands within the Self-Inking Stamp range of stamps. Each of these brands have three major parts, the body which is basically size, a replaceable ink pad and the rubber stamp die. Yes, the rubber stamp die can be replaced too should you wish to repurpose a stamp not currently being used.

This will help our planet by recycling your old stamp to an equivalent of a new stamp when a replacement rubber die, and ink pad combo are used. Here at Self-Inking Stamps we have three brands of Self-Inking Stamps available.

Your practice may have a brand preference as there may be current stock and resources for replacement ink pads and stamp ink to top an ink pad at any time. Just let us know your preference or ask for a price from each brand.

Can I customise the standard AML rubber stamps on the website?

Yes, you can. That is what we specialise in. Here are the products side by side so that you can choose the stamp size suggested.

Can I get help for designing my customised stamp?

We are here to help. The more information you can provide the easier it is to quickly select the best stamp model to suit your particular needs. Then we can then finetune using a proof sheet to get your perfect stamp just the way you want it. Just ask. Oh, and the only dumb question is the one you do not ask.

Want a discount?

The easiest way is buying two or more Self-Inking Stamps at one time and get a 10% discount. Who else needs an office stamp in your organisation? 

If you have 20 or more stamps required talk with us about bulk order discounts. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. Have a great day.

Contact our custom rubber stamp team for more information.

If you are needing something like this custom made contact us and ask whether it can be done. You might be pleasantly surprised. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google.

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