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Wine glass engraving for Mission Bay Tennis Club Case Study

Wine glass engraving for a local sports club. Last month we had an enquiry came in from our rotary engraving quote product on the website. We have many customers asking us to laser engrave glassware with their logo and measuring line.

wine glass engraving

What was the problem the customer needed solving?

An enquiry came in from our rotary engraving quote product on the website about wine glass engraving. Can you engrave a line on a wine glass? The line is to mark the height of a standard drink. We need Wine glass engraving to mark our serving wine glasses for a function. As a non-profit organisation we cannot afford to lose money on these wine servings. We have some wine glasses that are quite large, and we are finding that they are being over filled because of their size. We need our patrons to know how much alcohol they are drinking to be safe. Plus, we need to make sure we are not giving away our income profit. We are a non-profit organisation and need this engraving work to be done at fair cost. Can you do that? Yes, that is possible to do.

How did we help our customer solve the problem?

wine glass engraving

There are two ways it can be done. We can take each wine glass and individually load them into the laser machine and rotary engrave them. This is great if you want to put your logo on the glass and add in the measure line to help your wait staff serving the wine. With rotary engraving any position around the circumference or all of it can be engraved on an engravable area of the wine glass. Usually there is a relatively flat surface up the side that is engravable. This is a great way of personalisation and branding.

However, for a lower cost option if the laser engraving area is less than around 40mm wide we can bulk load the glasses on their side and mass engrave all at once. By using a different type of settings and lenses in our laser machine the curvature of the wine glass can be accommodated. The outside edges of the engraving like this can be distorted due to the curve and it is best to have just the line extending on each side as this does not distort it just fades out at the end if it goes too far.

This technique reduces the per wine glass cost of engraving substantially. The machines efficiency of speed is maximised and the time to do the job reduces massively. Time is money. We asked the customer to measure the line required out into a glass and mark the side. So that we know where we must engrave the glass accurately every time. Yes, that was possible to do.

What was the outcome for this wine glass engraving customer order?

wine glass engraver company

Could we do this wine glass engraving work within the customer’s budget? It was not much per glass. Okay sounded low but we had a look at a sample they provided when the glasses turned up. That looks alright. The one provided was not engraved when looked at with a magnifying glass it was ink printing on the glass. They had the letters for their organisation plus a vivid mark line on that glass for the volume. Overall, the mark measured 45mm wide.

Hey, we can do the measuring line and add the logo letters as well and get all the logo image done this way on the wine glasses. It would only add a few seconds more per batch for the extra height of the letters. Once we knew the size of the wine glass calculating how many could fit across that laser engraving machine was possible and a quote was supplied. It was a nudge under budget so the go ahead was given. The next day the order was completed and ready for pick up for their function the following day.

This type of laser engraving for wine glasses is a great investment. Not a cost. Get out your calculator or spreadsheet. How many drinks do you serve per day? How much extra might be poured into each glass? How many servings would it take before an extra bottle of wine is consumed? What is that worth? Some bottles are expensive.

It would not take long to recover that investment in a glass with a mark on it to help your staff. By combining a small mark and a small identification of your enterprise the mark on the glass looks like it is branding of your enterprise. However, it is an easy-to-use budgeting tool to keep profitable and assist your staff. How much can you afford to lose?

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