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Rubber stamp ink fading time to replace your ink and save!

Rubber stamp ink fading read our expert advice here. Is your stamp ink on paper fading more and more each time you stamp? Is it getting hard to read or a poor representation of your business? Don’t throw away your stamp or stamp pad. Don’t buy a new one if it is a Shiny or Trodat brand of stamp. We can help you no problem. Here is how to make it like new and save money.

Rubber stamp ink fading

These Self-Inking stamps have three main parts. The outside body, the ink pad and the rubber die. Both the stamp ink pad and the stamp rubber die can be replaced. If your Shiny or Trodat brand stamp ink is fading on the paper there are two solutions for you to save money and be stamping like new again.

1. Rubber stamp ink fading? Simply top up the ink in the rubber ink pad

If your stamp is large or your stamp fades away quickly with a lot of use then we would suggest adding ink to the stamp ink pad. The cost of a bottle of ink is quite often less than a replacement ink pad. Rubber stamp ink fading? Simply replace the ink pad.

With this method you pop out the ink pad and then with the nozzle in the end of the ink botte drop few drops of ink here and there across the top of the pad. Wait a while, go make a cup a of tea, to let that soak in. You can push the nozzle of the ink bottle gently into the surface of the ink pad and see if a wet patch appears around the nozzle which indicates it might be good enough to use again. Less ink in the pad than too much is better for crisp stamping marks. Slide the ink pad back in and click into place and test the stamp on something unimportant.

You can buy Trodat stamp ink, Shiny stamp ink, or Noris special purpose rubber stamp inks right here. Just scroll down to the ink type you need. Most importantly keep your stamp, don’t fill the tip unnecessarily.

If you would like to use your rubber stamp for another purpose read here, how to do that. Self-Inking Stamps can help you there too.

2. Rubber stamp ink pad in a poor condition? Replace the ink pad.

For lower use situations and small stamp sizes this is the lower cost option. It is quick, clean and easy to do. Pop out the current ink pad and slide the new one in. Done.

Self-Inking Stamps Ltd can supply a new ink pad for you. To find the one you need there are two ways to find the new pad. Firstly is on the underside of the ink pad there is a number specific to that stamp model. It might be 6/4912 for Trodat 4912 stamp model. Or for a Shiny S542 one then S542-7 might be there.

Secondly find the stamp model written on the outside of the stamp. Then use the search product field in the top right of the website and type in the model number or ink pad number and press enter. Hey presto all the options will appear in the result. Just scroll around and find the colour you need. Oh and 2.5 is click HERE to see all the stamp ink pads on the website and scroll around a lot to find your one.

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