Rubber die plus ink pad

Update your stamp with a new rubber die plus ink pad.

Do you have a self-inking stamp and want to change what it stamps?

You can do that.

We recommend replacing both the rubber die plus ink pad to get the best result.  Sometimes the ink pad in the stamp has a big dent from the current ink pad and this dent does not flex back to touch the new rubber die and hence you have ink missing in parts when you stamp with the new pad.

So if you replace the rubber die plus ink pad then in essence you have a brand new stamp while doing your bit to save the planet from some more landfill.


Scroll through the products below to find the product for your Trodat or Shiny brand of stamp.

We do not stock the brand  of Colop stamps however we can make a rubber die only for your stamp.  Look on the rubber die page here to find the same/similar sized stamp and tell us what model of stamp it is for to get a proof for the stamp die and a price.

If you can’t find the model you are looking for contact us and we may be able to make one for you?


How change your rubber die plus ink pad in a stamp.

Click here to read the instructions for how to change your rubber die plus ink pad in a stamp.

It’s easy to do yourself.  Save money and time by doing it yourself.  Just order the die, it is delivered to you and you change it over.


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