numberer-examplesWhen you need to record numbers, we’ve got the stamp for you!

Yes we have Trodat Printy Numberer models too for small spaces and lower cost contact us here if there is something not shown on this page.

There are manual stamps from the Classic range that use a separate ink pad for special projects.  There are 4 band through to 20 band machines.  The character height can range from the smallest at 3mm through to huge ones at 18mm high.

Oh and you can change the bands in the Trodat Professional Numberer and Trodat Classic Numberer stamps to include the alphabet in a machine too for one or more bands.  However only half the alphabet will fit on one band at a time from A-M and from  N-Z.  If you have a special project we may be able to help.

Important Note:

The Plus brand machines are the Automatic numbering machines which change, depending on the settings, each time you push them down.

The Trodat models are all manual ones you have to change each time by hand.