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Justice of the peace (JP) rubber stamps made to order delivered within 3 days!

jp rubber stamps

We are making JP rubber stamps all the time for our JP customers. Like any organisation or business people come and go each year. Read this Blog post to learn more… Also add to that the constant law updates and changes to specific legal wording. Coming from a different angle to that are the constantly changing items of the Internet of Things and how to deal with that evolving process. These scenarios provide a constant requirement for new or amended JP rubber stamps for those who serve as a Justice of the Peace in New Zealand.

return address rubber stamp

The team at Self-Inking Stamps are approached from time to time to provide group discounts to Justice of the Peace members.

This has been confusing as there has been many different variations of the JP rubber stamps required. A recent approach had a list of JP rubber stamps required and numbers for each of them. This was to help us identify the specific requirement for a member and a standardised wording for their JP stamps.

jp rubber stamps

What are the standard JP Rubber Stamps?

From the information given to us we have developed six different JP Stamps designs. Each one has a different task. Most of them are a distinct size. There appears to be brand preferences out there amongst the membership. For these six stamp purposes we have offered these in two brands for each design to choose from.

The two brands are Trodat from Austria and Shiny from Taiwan. Neither are the most expensive brand; we excluded that due to price. After stamping thousands of stamps, we do favour brands for situations. However, for these specific stamp marks either brand is suitable.

jp rubber stamps replacement rubber die

Repurpose your current JP rubber stamp.

From time-to-time rules change. New Acts of Parliament. Different institutional requirements. Technology changes. All these changes can mean one or more of your stamps are no longer appropriate to use. Please do not dispose of it. Repurpose it. The body of the stamp is still in full working order. It is just the words that need to change.

Within a self-inking stamp there are two replaceable parts. The ink pad and the rubber die. The rubber die is an engraved piece of rubber with the wording you require. This is held in place with a special double-sided tape. If yours falls off for some reason over time yes, you can stick it back on with double sided tape.

The great thing about that attachment method is you can also use a new rubber die on your current stamp body.
If you know your stamp model these parts are easy to order on the website. Go to the search field at the top of the website. Type in the model number and press enter or search.

jp rubber stamps replacement rubber die ink pad

All options for that stamp model will appear.

There might be many options to scroll down with. There will be an option “Rubber Die ONLY for the …….” This is the replacement rubber die. Another option will be “Rubber Die plus ink pad combo ……” This is a replacement rubber die and a new ink pad. This gives you a brand-new stamp and a much-reduced price. These two parts as a pair are discounted in price for the two.

If this is too much for you contact us and tell us your stamp body brand and model number. If you do not know what it is as the details have worn off the outside there is a special place to look. Pop out the ink pad. There is a help guide here. Have a look at the base of the ink pad. In small writing will be the pad number. This might be moulded into the plastic or printed on it. That will help us identify your specific model of stamp.

That is excellent as we then know how big or small to make the exact rubber die you need. Then tell us about the wording on this new mark that needs to be made. If you want the same layout or fonts used on your current stamp, then use your stamp on a blank piece of paper and scan that as a pdf and email it to us. If you do not have a scanner another option is to photograph it and email that image to us.

Discount price for Justice of the Peace members.

Due to the nature of the Justice of the Peace service being an unpaid service here at Self-Inking Stamps we offer a group discount. Members of groups have approached us requesting pricing and a discount. Those members have been given a discount COUPON code for the website for brand new self-inking stamps. On checkout of the order this discount coupon code can be typed in to receive the JP Stamps discount. Approach your area leadership for that code to use when you order easily through the website.

How will I know I am getting the right stamp with my details correct?

When ordering your new stamp or replacement rubber die part a design will be created. A pdf copy will be emailed to you to check. Print that out and it will be actual size. Then test it to see if you can write what you need in the spaces required for those stamp marks that need writing as well. If changes are required or the spelling is incorrect this can all be checked and confirmed. Once approved your new custom-made stamp or part will be made for you.

Custom made stamp wording for JP rubber stamps.

Often, we get asked to make custom made stamp wording for situations. Often a particular institution will require a particular wording to be used on their documents. Who knows why but they do? For people who constantly work with these institutions it can be advantageous to have a specifically worded stamp to speed up your work process. I am sure there are a few people in the queue looking on impatiently while you must laboriously hand write specific details. Take that pressure off yourself and get a custom-made stamp.

To order something specific email us at sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and describe what you need. You will be supplied with a proof sheet by pdf to check and test along with a quote for that new rubber stamp.

How to get a new ink pad for my JP rubber stamp?

Like the search for the rubber die part above the same search will reveal the replacement ink pads as well. Scroll through to find the ink colour you are using. Then just add to cart to order your replacement stamp ink pad. Quick and easy. If ordered in the morning it will ship that afternoon. If the couriers are going well, you will receive it the next working day.

My new ink pad does not look the same, it is the wrong one.

Some models of stamp have changed in shape. They come with an ink pad with a finger grip on each side. Like little wings. They look like they will not fit the stamp body.

They do fit. These new pads are the same dimensions of width, height, and length. The wing pieces are extra. If your stamp is made before these came in to affect there is a trick. Push the pad into place fully until those wings hit the stamp body. Then give a big push hard and the little wings will just snap off. The pad will then slide into place fully. Models like this would be Trodat models 4911, 4912, 4913, 4941, 4915 and a 4926.

I lost my JP rubber stamp! How do a get a replacement?

When you purchase you stamp from Self-Inking Stamps that stamp design is stored in our system and can be made again at any time you need. Quick and easy.

How long does it take to order JP rubber stamps?

After contacting Self-Inking Stamps by either an email or an order on the website the next working day you will receive a proof sheet via pdf to check. If you need changes, it will again be the next working day.

  • Once approved we make the stamp within a day. Once paid for it is packed for the courier pick up mid-afternoon.
  • The courier then transports it to you. This is outside of our control. Most of the time this is then delivered the next working day.
  • In total about three working days from order to stamping with your new custom-made JP stamp.
  • Here are the stamps on the website which include those six designs and others that may be of use as well.

It’s too hard, can someone help me?

Do not worry about the specific stamp model if you are unsure. We are here to help with your custom-made table stamp. Email sales@self-inkingstamps.co.nz and tell us all about the stamp you need. With that information a proof sheet for you to print and check. When printed this will be actual size so you know whether this will work in your unique situation.

Write on it and test it. Get the people who will use it to test it as well. A quote price will be provided for the stamp and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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Have questions? Contact our team.

Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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