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How to Recycle Rubber Stamps or Re-purpose Self-Inking Rubber Stamps.

How to Recycle Rubber Stamps Blog post. Read our rubber stamps case study. Self Inking-Stamps Ltd is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We make Trodat custom made stamps and multi-colour rubber stamps. Along with Shiny and traditional rubber stamps.

What was the problem the customer needed solving?

A new customer searched “Self-Inking Stamps” on the Internet and found our business.

He called us and explained he had some old rubber stamps.

The customer came to meet us and asked us lots of questions.

He showed us the stamps and what he would like to have on them and asked if we could give him a quote.

So, could these old rubber stamps be fixed and replaced? Like setting them up again with a new stamp design for us to make? …

All the rubber stamps were still in reasonable condition. There was nothing wrong with them, other than the rubber ink pads were not stamping very well.

Could we help? Yes, we could help.

Generally when we have a customer like this, we ask them to send us a photo of their rubber stamps.

After we were given the go ahead to start making the new stamps.

We replaced the ink pads and had them all ready for pick up the next day.

How did we help them solve the problem?

We have products we refer to as a replacement rubber die specifically for this purpose. We also do a combo of the replacement rubber die and ink pad which we discount 20%.

These two items make a brand-new stamp out of an old one. New words and/or image plus new ink, just like new. Or for the combo we call them a rubber die plus ink pad combo.

It is so much better the stamps are reused and not filling up a landfill unnecessarily. Look them up in the website menu under “Change my Stamp Details/Image”.

We use a high tech Trotec laser engraving and cutting machine to create all our stamp rubber die.

This is the part that gets inked and then makes the mark on the paper for you to read or admire as a picture.

For this purpose, we mount a double-sided tape to the rear of the rubber.

Ready for you to remove the tape cover and mount on the cleaned base plate of your stamp.

Read how you can do this yourself replacing rubber die self-inking stamp.

So how can you find these products on our website?

The fastest way is look at your Trodat or Shiny brand of stamp and look for the model number on the outside.

This might be like 4912 or S1823 and then use the Search Products box at top right to search for that model of Stamp.

If you can’t find the number on the outside, take the ink pad out and look on its base.

Check the ink pad for the stamp number which might be 6/4912 or S1823-7 for the above stamps.

This is very small text and if you are focally challenged a magnifying glass and good lighting will help you.

So, the above rubber die would be coded RUBD 4912 or RUBD S1823.

For just the rubber die or RUBDP 4912 or RUBDP S1823 for the combo.

If you are still having trouble just call or email and we can help you out.

Send us a photo of you stamp can help. Yes, we can make the rubber die only for Colop brand of Self-Inking Stamps as well.

What was the outcome for the best office rubber stamp?

Little did we know how many stamps were to be changed.

Our client hops out of his car with a box, hmm that looks like trouble we thought.

2019 february case study 4

Wow 31 stamps to change and there we some left over for next time!

Each one was different. No problem for us as custom Self-Inking Stamps is what we do.

We created a proof sheet, or more, with all the new rubber die designs to be checked and changed where necessary to get them just right.

Then we engraved and cut the rubber, removed the old dies, cleaned the base plates, mounted the rubber die and tested.

Where necessary replaced the ink pads and had them already for pick up the next day after we were given the go ahead to start engraving.

31 rubber stamps were ready to go off for a second life.

Fantastic these stamps were rescued from the rubbish dump!

Contact our Custom made stamps Auckland team.

Finally contact Trent, if you have any questions or need further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+.

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