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Custom Rubber Stamps are built to meet your specific needs

Custom rubber stamps. People often ask about the industry of rubber stamps, are they still relevant in this day and age? Isn’t it a dying market? Well no, is the answer. It is a static demand as people always have some way of using a stamp.

Even in this supposedly paperless society there is still a large amount of paperwork being handled. A rubber stamp helps in processing that paperwork very quickly, precisely and is clearly visible on the page at a glance. You can use the different ink colours we have to really differentiate the stamp mark from what is on the paper.

shiny rubber stamps printer daters

Why did we enter the Custom Rubber Stamps scene?

There are all sorts of stamps out there including ones that are designed and made and then sold. Like it or lump it, that is the size and that is the picture/word. However we make to order. We do not carry stock that sits around getting old. We always have a fresh supply of rubber stamp bodies arriving and laser engraving rubber as fast as possible to get them to you as quick as we can. Just one day is enough for making your custom rubber stamps.

Why are Custom Rubber Stamps still relevant?

Humans love to communicate. A rubber stamp is part of a primary instinct to communicate. From our past of cave drawings and into literature and the knowledge wave. There is a huge overlap of the humble stamp right through this evolution, it is still relevant now. So there is a saying that goes ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ – How about a stamp paints a thousand words?

What can you portray in your rubber stamp to others? What are the major uses we notice that people are interacting with others or themselves with a rubber stamp? Something that has been happening for thousands of years is getting married. Well there is a big market out there for personalised wedding, engagement, invitations and thank you messages. That is not going away.

The main use is to mark paperwork or envelopes with an address and contact details. Everyone needs to know where you are if you want them to reply or come and find you. If you send something then where did that come from? Stamp on it and get that info there quickly, neatly and exactly at the same.

Even duplicate your signature and save hours of work. What if you have a disability which makes signing or writing difficult but you want to personalise, scan your signature, and get it on a stamp. Custom rubber stamps are here to save you time.

Custom Rubber Stamps are Perfect for Companies

trodat rubber stamps nz

While you are in the office, a company seal might be needed to authenticate documents. If you are exporting, then a stamp is almost compulsory to use on documents to Asia. Overseas they love a stamp on paper and will ignore documents not officially sealed in this way. We have a dedicated blog post about company seal stamps.

Having looked in their office, there might be compliance that might need a set process to complete and creating a tick box and directions to ensure each step has been completed is really effective. Maybe there are warnings, some humour, directions and instructions. Save time don’t write it over and over again. A nice and quick push of the rubber stamp and it’s all done! So what is something that you write over and over every day. Why? Save your time for more effective work.

Sometimes that compliance gets into the legal field and we have a large number of Justice of the Peace and Lawyers who need a stamp for affidavit, witness or certification. The wording can be personalised to the business or the individual person doing the work. A lot of Lawyers, legal secretaries and managers have a stamp for their name, status and location for example:

Create your Custom Rubber Stamps Today

Custom rubber stamps are very versatile as they can be tailor made to suit your specific needs. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help create your custom rubber stamps.


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