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You can now buy Colop stamps from Self-Inking Stamps Ltd.

colop self inking stamps nz
Colop self inking stamps NZ

Buy Colop self inking stamps NZ, your Auckland supplier Self-Inking Stamps Ltd. We can ship direct to you anywhere in New Zealand. Use CourierPost for next working day delivery.

Our wide range of Colop self inking stamps NZ can be searched for here.

There are a limited number of Colop self-inking stamps held in stock and other models can be quickly obtained if you need them.

Also available are the replacement ink pads, stamp ink, stamp pads for hand stamps, replacement rubber dies, and the replacement rubber die and ink pad combo at a discounted price.

What is this Colop self-inking stamps brand of stamps?

The company COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG (very long name) is an independent commercial company. Which deals with the development, production, assembly and distribution of modern rubber stamps and marking devices.

The company was founded in 1980/81 in Austria. Colop is one of the leading stamp brands of the world and operates in 130 markets.

Their products are manufactured in Wels, Austria within their 9500m² plant and their Borovany, Czechoslovakia 3700m² plant.

With this global presence there are 550 people in their team. Colop is a major exporting business with 98% of their products exported around the world.

Over the years there have been a few product ranges that stand out. Back in 1981 there was the Colop Quick.

Once they relocated to a new production site in 1984 their next launch in 1985 was the Colop Soft.

Then in 1987 the first of the Colop Classic stamps with a steel frame for high use situations was created.

The first round body stamps were made in 1992. In quick succession was the L Series of stamps with different body colours.

Mini-Daters were next in 1996.

A great dater stamp which did not hog desk space. The Printer series of stamps which are still in use today began in 1997.

Fast on their heels was an update to the high use stamp lines with the Office Line of stamps using a steel frame and plastic covering on the bodies and a bit more modern look to them.

2004 saw the Printer Standard line to freshen the product mix up a bit. Always innovating the Classic Line of stamps was redesigned in 2006.

To reduce emissions in 2008 the Green line of stamps and reduction of waste in the manufacturing process was introduced.

To assist with antibacterial protection in the workplace Colop created the Microban range of stamps in 2010.

Also, in the same year they were busy and introduced the Expert Line of stamp. These are serious steel frame stamps for high use situations.

Updating time next was for the Office Line in 2017. Then in 2019 an exciting new product was launched the Colop e-mark. This is an innovative printer/digital stamp.

Small and shaped like a computer mouse this mini printer changes the stamping scene. Throughout the manufacturing process Colop is ISO 14001 accredited, this was achieved back in 2008.

The COLOP Vision

We strive for the highest possible level of customer satisfaction by offering the most extensive range of self-inking stamps and products within the marking industry in the world.

The COLOP Mission

By achieving an optimal level of quality in everything that we do, both in technical areas as well as on a personal level, we are able to continually increase customer satisfaction.

As you can see from this history of stamp making Colop are an innovative and quality stamp supplier for your needs.

How can you buy Colop stamps?

Here at Self-Inking Stamps there are multiple ways to search for Colop products.

Use the “search products” field at top right on the pages and type in Colop for everything associated with Colop in our website.

Look on different pages under the “Find stamps” then Text &/Or Image” menu for the different stamp shapes like:

If you know the model, then use the search products field and type that in there to home in quickly on what you trying to find like an ink pad or replacement rubber die.

If you want to buy Colop stamp parts the places to look in the menu under “Shop” would be:

We really like to ensure you are happy with your purchase so you can choose Yes – “Proof Required” to see the finished stamp image before we make anything.

Print out that pdf we email to you the next working day after to enquire or order to see the actual size of your stamp image on paper.

We wait for your approval or any corrections you would like to make. Only once you give approval do we make that stamp for you.

If this part is not important and you just need a stamp fast choose No – “Proof Required”. We push this through our design and manufacture process as quick as we can.

These custom made stamps can leave the same day as ordering if your order is made in the morning.

If do not believe you will be happy with that stamp, we will contact you and check before making it and shipping it.

If you are unsure what to do get in contact via email (

Or use the form on the contact us page as we are here to help you find just the right stamp for you.

Contact our Colop rubber stamp team for more information…

If you are needing something like this custom made contact us and ask whether it can be done. You might be pleasantly surprised. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google.

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