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Wood Laser Engraving Business Logo Office Doors and Paint Filled Case Study…

Looking for wood laser engraving? Self-Inking Stamps Ltd also provide high quality wood laser engraving and cutting services. We were contacted by a local Joinery Hardware retailer with a special project. Could we engrave large wooden door handles? Yes, we can. A huge range of possibilities ran through my head visualising a large door handle.

laser engraver auckland trotec speedy 360
Wood laser engraver Auckland Trotec Speedy 360 machine

Our East Tamaki client was supplying a specially made set of large door handles for a new office building.

Could we engrave the business logo on the handles for the new building? Turns out the surface to engrave was large and flat. Phew that was the first stress point over. Wood laser engraving round objects when possible to do, has some special conditions to be able to laser engrave on this type of surface.

wood laser engraver door handles

The large door handles were just over 300mm in diameter.

We used high quality wood laser engraving for all the matching door handle pairs for the six doors. The logo travelling across both handles of each pair. These door handles had been specially imported from Australia. The wood was Tasmanian Oak with a beautiful keno gum streaking in them. There was no wood to test. Each door handle pair costing hundreds of dollars. With a one-week turnaround time, we had one go at getting it right! Our client brought the handles to us to inspect to see if we could do the wood laser engraving.

Plus, a conversation with the architect for the project to discuss spacing and colour of the engraving. The original thought was just engraved to give the lovely brown tones engraving wood gives. But there is no guarantee on wood for what colour will be the result and the colour can change across each piece as well. We happened to mention a new technique we have just mastered after much trial and error. This effect gives a black paint effect into the engraved area. After a bit of discussion, the decision was to engrave with the black paint fill effect. Okay that was the easy bit, the talking. Now the pressure was on to follow through and only one chance at it.

wood laser engraver logo on door handles

Using our Trotec Speedy 360 120W laser makes a job like this much easier.

We could set the pieces up perfectly square to ensure the logo was parallel with the edge of each handle in the centre. Then position the engraving in the right spot on each piece. With a bed size at 800 x 500mm we could do two pairs at a time reducing machine run time and cost. The first process is standard for engraving wood.

Followed by addition of a special powder coating paint and laser baking in place. To ensure this job was kept clean as the timber is raw and unpainted is tricky with a black coloured powder in the machine with all its cooling fans. So, we used a large masking tape and engraved through the masking to cut out the trenching. After the paint fill process was completed, we could vacuum off the surplus powder and remove the masking.

Luckily, this all went well, and the surface of the timber was as good as before we started. When engraving timber, the heat from the laser beam vaporising the timber creates hot gasses, smoke and some tar creation which can transfer to the area alongside the engraving part. This usually requires cleaning or sanding to remove after engraving. However, this process with the tape was good to go straight afterwards.

painted fill laser engraving

We will be expanding this wood laser engraving process with more colours. However, for the moment this black paint is creating an outstanding effect.

Multiple colours will be possible, within reason, on different parts of an engraving. Testing has shown that small fonts can be reproduced down to 7-point font size. Really surprising how that went. A signature imitation went well. We are testing techniques for photo reproduction on wood in colour as well.

Exciting stuff trying new methods of laser engraving. New products will be popping up soon we hope. We can see terrific small, engraved signs, engraved business cards, photo frames, desk signs and trophies rolling out of the machine.

What sort of a wood laser engraving projects could we help you with?

We are here to help with your questions about custom-made wood laser engraving.

A quote will be provided for the wood laser engraving and courier delivery so that you know how much everything will cost up front. Contact us with your questions and stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on our FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle and Instagram.

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