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What is a Multi Colour Stamp?

trodat multi colourOrdinary self-inking stamps can print in only one colour. The Trodat multi colour stamp lets you stamp in several colours at once.

Unleash your creative side with an individual multi colour stamp.

You can design and personalise your very own multi colour stamp.

You can design a rubber stamp as an individual stamp or with multi colour impressions.

Multi colour stamps are made and designed with the highest technology provided by Trodat’s subsidiary company Trotec laser.

The laser software calculates the lines, controls the cutting and inking of both the rubber die and the ink pad.trodat multi colour individual

How much space do you keep between colours?

There must be a space of at least 2.5 mm between the different colour fields.  Graduated colours are not possible.

The minimum size of any colour field must be nothing less than 7 mm x 7 mm.

Follow these steps to get started on your design

First you can choose between 2 ranges:

3 important things to you must keep in mind:

  1. Spacing
  2. Line thickness
  3. Minimum font sizes.

Stand out from your competition!

Use the colour advantage! You can now choose from a wide range of 15 different attractive ink colours.

Can you apply a border?

Applying a contrast colour border is not possible. However a small stamp can be placed on a larger stamp to get the contrast border colour you want and meet the minimum area required for an ink colour area.

They are exciting and easy to create. You can order online now!

What image format should you use? Vector images are the best but PDF work well too.

When my stamp runs out of ink how do I replace the ink pad in a multi-colour stamp?

This is easy.  We stored the design of your stamp in our files.  When the ink runs out in your stamp just order a new one by telling us which stamp that is or stamping on paper and scan and send to us.  We will then search the files and create a brand new pad for you.  Then it is couriered to you.  Changing the ink pad is easy as.  Have a look a the instructions on the Help and Support page.  As a multi-colour stamp it is important to turn the pad the correct way to match your design so have a little think about how that goes in there or watch as you take out the old pad to check which way around the new one will go in.

We also have PDF impressions available on paper to share.

The impressions we have change from time to time giving you a good idea on how it looks. Ask us about it!

Create a great impression with the ‘Stars of the Rubber Stamp World’.

We don’t sell many so if you want to get your hands on a rare and unique stamp, you can easily order them from our store online.

Still need assistance in choosing the right stamp for your business?

If you are having trouble in choosing the right stamp, you can either call us on 09-412 9381 or fill out this form in details to let us know what you’re looking for. Please include your full contact information so we can contact you back.

Happy stamping!

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