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Trodat Professional 5211 is July’s Stamp of The Month!

july stamp of the month

We would like to specially congratulate Brandit Plus Ltd as the stamp of month. Brandit Plus Ltd ordered a 85 x 55 mm (rectangular) text plate size with a black ink pad. Ink pads are also available in a range of single colours in the extra colour model.  Or try our top of the range multi-colour model and really get your brand out there.

Trodat Professional 5211 is our stamp of the month!

Big and bold print is the way to go. We love this stamp because its simple and effective.

Why was this stamp chosen?

With certain images, its difficult to tell how the image would turn out in print. Sometimes the ones with fine detail can be a gamble to whether it will stamp clearly or not. But the detail in the fern worked perfectly and we are very happy with the result!

What stamp model is this?

trodat professional 5211

 Trodat Professional 5211 is the ideal stamp for daily use. The Professional stamp is clean and precise with imprints and perfect for high daily use. So if you’re needing a stamp to keep up to your everyday stamping this is it!

We’ve had a number of enquiries on how to choose the right stamp size. Which is why we have created a Size Stamp Guide now available to download. We recommend you print out the guide to see the actual size.


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