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The benefits for using refill rubber stamps

self inking stamps

One of the huge benefits of the most desired stamping product today is it saves a lot of time for you and with just one press you are done with the job. A single self-ink stamp can mark over thousands of impressions with a simple action of pressing. Be it wooden, paper or plastic, they have the ability to mark a clear print. In this blog, we would like to share a few effortless steps to refill your own rubber stamps.

Refill rubber stamps are the ideal choice for business

Refill rubber stamps are made with durable material that allows more frequent use on any surface. Their construction is strong and becomes an ideal choice for many businesses to save time and money. These stamps display a mixture of quality and technology which makes it one the most desired stamping product in the market.

Use these 4 steps to refill rubber stamps

Push stamp down slightly and push buttons on side to lock into position.

  1. Pull out ink pad.
  2. Put 10 – 20 drops of Trodat Ink on the inked side of the pad.
  3. Once the ink has absorbed into the pad, push the pad back in.
  4. No mess! The ink is in the pad.

The rubber stamps re-inks from the ink which is in the replaceable ink pad. So you wont need to worry about the mess of spilling it over your hands and clothes. Just remove the older pad and replace it with a new one without spilling it over your hands and clothes.

Use these 2.5 steps to replace ink pad

1.    Pull out ink pad
2.    Push in the replacement pad
and 2.5  No Mess!

By using Trodat replacement ink cartridges you can make sure that your stamp constantly delivers clean, uniform imprints. Both the ink cartridge’s material and its ink have been perfected during years of research. That’s why a Trodat imprint works in polar cold as well as it does in a tropical rain forest. There are replacement ink cartridges for all Professional, Printy and Mobile Printy models. All Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee impressions which will last for decades!


New grip zones allow a clean handling and replacement of the cartridge without touching the ink reservoir.

Ink cartridges with grip zones are currently obtainable only in sizes 6/4910, 6/4911, 6/4912, 6/4913, 6/4914 and 6/4915.


Precise ink metering in the tenths of a gram range prevents ink from running out. The dual-component cartridge insert ensures clean, uniform imprints throughout the service life.


Inks used in Trodat replacement ink cartridges don’t dry out and are completely non-toxic.

How to find replacement ink pads for your refill rubber stamps.

Use the search field in the top of the page and type in the stamp model number written on the stamp and press enter.  All the options for that stamp will show in the search.  Click on the one you want to order.  Then simply click add to cart – as easy as that!

Imprint name, address, check endorsements, logos, signatures and a lot more with this simple tool.

They are available at some very reasonable prices which will never exceed your budget. Round, square or rectangle you get varied choices of shapes which are available at your service. Choose the shape or size as per your business needs.

If you think it will restrict to only black colour, then you are mistaken, there are varied colour options also which you can choose from. Red, blue, green, violet or black choose any one and start printing. If you are looking for some completely different ink colours our extra colour range is great with 11 extra colours from the multi-colour range.  These rubber stamps save a lot of time for you, as you just have to press and you are done with the job.

Still need assistance in choosing the right stamp for your business?

If you are having trouble in choosing the right stamp, you can either call us on 09-412 9381 or fill out this form in details to let us know what you’re looking for. Please include your full contact information so we can contact you back.

Happy stamping!

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