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Quick dry self inking stamps for paper

All of our quick dry self inking stamps for paper have been made with precision. They are high quality, accurate and a repeatable solution for repetitive tasks. You can trust us to provide you with the best quality stamp. All our stamps are made in New Zealand!

Our quick dry self inking stamps are high quality and accurate.

Are you sick of stamps that take ages to dry? Our self inking stamps when used with special purpose inks dry within seconds! This means they don’t smudge and the lines remain clear and accurate. Our stamps are easy and fast to use and produce a high quality result.  They will also save you time and money.

quick dry self inking stamps

All our water based inks are quick dry self inking stamps ideal for paper use.

Have you got a company logo that is not in black but uses several colours? Please note for multi coloured stamps we use water based ink suitable for matt paper or copy paper.

We can create it as a multi-coloured stamp! You don’t need to have it only in black ink. Because our stamps are of such a high quality, the colours stamp and stay as they are. They don’t blur and blend in with each other, creating a mess. You can rely on us to make a good quality, effective stamp for your business. We are always receiving positive reviews from our customers. Have a read of them here on our Facebook page.

Our quick dry self inking stamps have replacement ink cartridges.

Our quick dry self inking stamps for paper are very convenient. You can use them over and over by simply replacing the ink cartridge. You can also change the colour of your stamp by cleaning the rubber die and changing the colour of the ink cartridge. It is very flexible and gives you several options to change up your stamp. You don’t need to buy a whole new stamp. You can easily create a different look for your business stamp.

Please note for glossy paper we advise a special type of ink.

With this you get a dry ink pad with the stamp. Plus a bottle of ink which is alcohol based and that helps dry faster onto the paper. You fill the ink pad and then can use it.

However as the alcohol evaporates the pad dries out over time. Keeping the stamp in an air tight container will slow this down. Maybe a zip lock plastic bag. Or just pop the pad out to do this.

As the alcohol evaporates it leaves the ink solids behind. You will need to top up the ink pad every now and then as required and on occasion use a refresher to stop the pad getting ‘muddy’ from the ink solids building up. Or you can just get another pad and start again. The dry pad is included in the price of the stamp.  The Noris 191 Black ink is $13.10 for a 25ml bottle.

If you think you would like to use the Solvent/Refresher Noris 191RM it is $24.40 for a 25ml bottle.   There is also a pump spray bottle of the refresher which can also be useful to clean the stamp. The ink and solvent/refresher are on the Stamp ink page on our website.

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