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Trodat Replacement Ink Pad Black 6/46045

$20.31 GST Exc. $17.66

Replacement self-inking stamp ink pad
this pad is for the Trodat 46045 model
water based ink for copy paper, uncoated cardboard and porous surfaces.
from hundreds to thousands of stamp marks depending on the amount of ink delivered in each mark and what substrate is being marked.
ink stays liquid for years of use with special additives.
clean and easy change of ink pads, pop out the current pad, slide in this new one.
can be topped up at any time with a few drops Trodat 7011 stamp ink. You can find Trodat 7011 stamp ink on our stamp ink page.


Replacement ink pad for the 46045 stamp.

When your round seal design stamp starts to fade just replace the ink pad with one of these.

  • For 46045/46145 stamps
  • Clean impression, document quality
  • Precise inking prevents colours running
  • No drying out
  • Ink is completely non-toxic
  • Clean change of ink cartridge in no time at all
  • No re-inking. Simply replace the cartridge
  • Also available are black, red, blue, green and violet.  Oh and a dry pad for fast dry inks.


Only 5 colours!  I want something different for my round seal design.

If you want a single colour other than the standard five we can make one for you.  This uses a special ink pad we import from the Trodat manufacturers and use our multi-colour technology and machines to ink these up correctly for you.

Choose any one  from any of the other 11 multi-colours for your perfect stamp.

Here is the link to what we call the Extra colour 46045

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