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Noris 191RM Solvent-refresher bottle – for fast dry ink

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NORIS 191RM Solvent-refresher bottle – for fast dry ink

  • For Noris 191, Noris 119, Noris 199, Noris 325, Noris 196 fast dry inks
  • Alcohol based
  • Solvent/refresher – fast dry ink
  • 25ml
  • Clear
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NORIS 191RM Solvent-refresher bottle – for fast dry ink

A refresher is advisable to use with alcohol based solvent stamp inks.

There is an issue that the ink dries out in the pad. As the ink dries out not every part of the ink leaves the pad. The binding agents, dyestuff and other ingredients remain in the pad. If you re-ink the pad using the normal ink. You add those remains to the new ink. Over time this process changes the ink in the pad. This will lead to a sticky problem. Some people describe it as muddy.

To prevent it, Noris have created the refresher for the ink. As the pad dries out, or is already dry like rock hard. Please use the refresher first. It will add to the pad those missing liquid ingredients. Use a few drops of NORIS 191RM on the pad. Then rub the refresher in using a small blunt stick type of thing. Once softened you can stamp again. Over time the imprint will get weaker/faded. This is because the refresher doesn’t add any colour to the pad. So when the imprint gets too weak. Use the normal ink again for re-inking. Afterwards the cycle begins anew.

Also it pays to remove the ink pad from the stamp. Replace the cap and store in an airtight container. Especially if not being used for more than two days at a time. Another way is wrap it in plastic cling film excluding as much air as possible. Given time we have found the rubber die can stick to the ink pad a bit. Sometimes ripping the rubber die off the stamp especially on the little ones.  The pad can also dry completely. Where it will no longer absorb ink.

We highly recommend using the refresher as well to keep the ink fluid.  This can also bring a pad back from dry and unusable to usable again.  If using infrequently and no refresher on hand. You can have a spare dry pad in your draw.

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