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Desk Sign 255 x 45mm

$54.23 GST Exc. $47.16

Laser engraved Custom Desk Sign
Great on your desk or at reception
255 x 45mm sign area(other sizes available)
Polished aluminium frame stand
Acrylic laminate insert (replaceable)
Laser Engraved Image
Your choice of fonts to use
Various colour choices for laminate
3-5 days turnaround from order to delivery

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    Here is a laser engraved custom desk sign for your desk or reception area. You chose any text you desire. Particularly good at helping people to find the right place to go. These custom name plaques assist to direct people to a counter or specific employee in your organisation. Some might describe these as a name holder for desk.
    Particularly good for a single row of text to get a nice big font size. It can also be a name on one row and and your title or designation on another row below. That is the great thing about custom desk sign, it is your choice.

    This one has a laminate face area of 255 x 45mm. Overall height is 40mm including the frame off the desk. Choose “YES – I want to check it before manufacture” you want to see a proof before manufacture to see what you are getting before we make it and ship it to you.

    The frame allows for the insert to slide out for replacement when required. You may have multiple people using the same office or cubicle at different time and the the name can be changed easily to the appropriate person at that time. A custom door sign could be used at the door to the office or on the wall could be a custom wall sign. Ask us if you would like one of these.

    Laminate colour options for your new desk sign.

    Along with a frame choice there are multiple great colours to choose from for the two colour engraved laminate insert for the frame. The insert is a two part plastic laminate. The laminate is made with a solid background colour which is the colour the text will be. Then on the face is a very thin layer which is strategically removed by laser engraving to reveal your name, text, or logo to be on display. These are available a great range of colours to choose from. If there is a colour you are looking for please ask if we can get it for you. The colours shown are usually in stock.
    Laser engraving on the laminate can produce a beautiful long lasting image. Fine text and details are possible. Do consider clarity of the detail if small for people to see and read this sign from a distance. If you would like desk name plate with logo or an image this is possible, conditionally. The image supplied must be of high quality. We hate making low quality products. A vector image ensures what the print file looks like will be like the engraved sign will look like.
    The old adage “garbage in garbage out” is especially true for laser engraving.  Screen shots and website images are usually the lowest quality possible to trick the human eye and lowest storage volume in a website.
    The image direct from the graphic designer is best.
    If you can supply a vector image in say a CorelDraw (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or vector image on pdf we can use that.
    Our preference in order of an image file type to work with would be:

    • Vector image, can be pdf – no charge
    • .cdr (CorelDraw) Vector image, – no charge
    • .ai (Adobe Illustrator) Vector image, – no charge
    • .svg Scalable Vector Graphic – no charge

    For other images we may need to charge for graphic design to set up the print file. This does depend on the quality of the image. Usually it is awful pixilation that reduces the quality of an image for laser engraving. The laser is so accurate and can engrave such fine detail it can transfer those ugly pixels to your desk sign.

    Can I update my custom desk sign?

    Should there be a need to change the image in the frame in the future the insert can be slid out to the side and a new insert slid into place. Replacing the insert helps to keep it as a modern desk name plate. If this is one we have created for you we can check our file records and know the size you need. Otherwise please measure the current one you have. The measurements required are:

    • width of sign frame
    • height of the insert, including inside the grooves of the frame. Slide it out a bit and measure that height.
    • thickness of the laminate plastic

    With those dimensions we can create a new insert for you. Once the dimensions are known we can quote for just the replacement insert for you.

    If you have a particular font to use please specify that to us so that we can get a great match for you. If you would like us to match a previous sign you have then sending us a photo can be a great way for us to understand the font type, sizing and layout to get your design just right.

    How long does it take to order a desk sign?

    Generally a custom name plaque can be designed, made, approved and shipped to you in approximately 3 to 5 working days. This is subject to stock being available. Payment is required before shipping.
    Any potential delays we would let you know the timeline.

    Is there a bulk discount for multiple desk signs in an order?

    Yes we can offer you a discount for multiple custom desk signs. Please email us with more information and the numbers you require. We can then see what sort of savings could be achieved for you.

    How do I clean a desk sign?

    The best way to clean the desk sign is with a damp cloth. Give it a good rub with a damp cloth should remove most marks. Do not use harsh cleaners or alcohol based cleaner on the laminate as this can cause micro fissures to happen and cracking to the surface.

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