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Custom Made Keyrings Double sided

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Custom made keyrings where everything is custom made for you.
Can be engraved both sides.
Custom made sizes. You choose the size you need.
Custom made shape. Any shape is possible with laser cutting.
3mm thick acrylic.
3 layer material. Front and back the same colour thin film. Laser engraved through to expose the thick middle colour for your name, number or logo.
The edge colour is the same colour as the engraved area.
Choose your acrylic material colour
Choose your split ring colour
Any number from one to hundreds. Bulk order special prices available.
Made to order.
Fill in the fields below to get a quote.

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Custom made keyrings for your individual requirements.

Using high quality laser cutting and engraving a keyring can be custom made for just what you need.

ANY shape is possible.

ANY size is possible.

From the conventional rectangular keyring or round key ring basically anything else is possible. Cloud shape key ring? Yes. A house key ring for our clients? Yes.

These key rings are made of 3mm thick double sided acrylic.

If you or your clients/employees lose your keyring having your contact details on the key ring will ensure return to you.

Having different colour key rings can also help to see which one to use at a glance. These key rings are using a double sided acrylic material. This means both sides are the same colour. The bonus for this key ring material is that both sides can be engraved. Each side could be the same. Or each side can have different information. Ask for a quote to manufacture key rings engraved on both sides and we can get back to you quickly with a price.

What can I custom engrave on a keyring?

Just about anything is possible. Text. Numbers. Logo’s. Images. Text and numbers are the easiest as you tell us the font to use and what to type. We set that out in a design and send to you for approval or amendment.

Logos are a little more tricky. We need a high quality image to get an engraving you will be proud of. Our laser engraving machine is capable of detail to 0.1mm so sending us a pixelated image will get you a pixelated image engraved. We try and avoid that as much as possible. If we are not happy with the image we will let you know in our communications during the design process. A vector image is the perfect image for us to use. Following that we convert high resolution images to vector for engraving. If the image is over 300dpi we can extract good vector image information from them. The advantage for a low resolution image is that a key ring is a small image area and the distortion is hard to see.

Can I get a bulk discount for key rings?

Yes this is possible. Alot of the cost to produce a custom made keyring is in the production of the design file and communicating that back and forth to you. Once that is done additional ones are much lower in cost if made in a batch.

The minimum order number is one. After that hundreds are possible if you need them. All the same or each and every one different. We are custom key ring manufacturers. We only make what you need.

If you want to re-order in the future we store your design in files ready for the next time you need them.

Are different key ring colours available?

Yes. As single sided engraving there is a greater colour range available. One side would be coloured. The back would be the colour of the engraved area. Every now and then we manufacture special runs using laminated 1.6mm sheets back to back. We have off cuts in stock. Ask us if we have any other colours available when you order.

trotec trolase

For a different effect 3mm ply wood is also available in a range of timber species. Engraving wood we find that a darker engraving can be achieved through a bunch of techniques and does take longer to produce and hence the price is a little higher.

Are these Trolase keyrings the same as Traffolyte?

No they not. While the effect looks the same the Trolase material is safer to use. The Troffolyte material when worked produces a phenolic dust is now recognized as a health hazard. We are not interested in using this sort of material with these health hazards. Otherwise the effect they produce is very similar to Traffolyte.

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