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How to order your personalised signature stamp…

Personalised signature stamp made easy! If that is how to turn your pen signature into a rubber stamp then then read this Blog post! Self-Inking Stamps regularly makes signature stamps for people. Some like just the signature on its own. Others have the signature and with the name typed underneath and others also have an address especially for businesses.

For this process an image file supplied by you is required for our design programme.

Professionally put through a few processes to convert to a vector image for our laser engraving machine to engrave at up to 1,000dpi. Then this file is inspected under extreme zoom, at times this can be around a 4000% size. To allow us to inspect small details and adjust the small details to get the digital image as close as possible to the original image supplied.

Sometimes minute details can be achieved which are really surprising. Our laser engraving process can achieve finer details than using the photopolymer process to produce the rubber die in the stamp. We do thicken lines to make sure of clear marking while stamping and like to get fine details to 0.2mm thick to ensure a mark is made every time. Engraving finer is possible however we find performance drops off especially under 0.1mm wide.

How to get the best quality personalised signature stamp.

This is one of those garbage in, garbage out situations. If the file sent to us to use is low quality we can’t make it better for you.

We need to get as much detail as possible and reduce the pixilation and distortion of the signature. If the scan is such that the pixels are too large all we get is an image that looks like a set of stairs.

If you like signatures that look like a set of stairs that is fine our laser engraver will cut them out for you. We do not want that however. We take pride in getting the signature as close as possible to the original pen on paper.

And regularly spend way too much time fiddling around with the image to get it just right. Please help us to achieve the best result, you will appreciate it later.

Take some time at the start.

Get some nice white paper. And a nice pen, one that marks clearly, maybe black ink, no globs of ink on the nib and sign the paper.

Clean the platen, glass, of your scanner. No dust or debris needs to be scanned in the signature. This debris may look like it is part of the signature and get included.

Scan the paper at the highest resolution you can get on your machine. Check the settings. Use a pdf file and we get the original size of the signature.

Pick the highest dpi – dots per inch – setting you have and scan the image to file. A screen shot or a Word doc is frankly just not good enough at around 72dpi – yes a stair case, this is your signature, treasure that.

Send us an email with the file attached to

Tell us you want a signature stamp, also tell us the size you want it to mark the paper. If you have any other details or text you want to add tell us about that too. The more information you give us up front the faster we can get to the result you want.

Oh and what ink colour you might like from our Trodat inks. Click HERE to see the colour chart for these. These inks are good for matt paper or card. If you have a different surface or gloss this is possible with a change of inks and some management hassle, do tell us this important fact. If you have any questions please ask. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask and regret later.

With all this information we create a proof sheet for you to check and tell you the stamp model that we will use for image. This may vary depending on the shape and size of your signature and any other details you might like with it. It might be a circle, a square or a rectangle shape of Self-Inking Stamp we select for best results.

If you know the stamp model you want that is terrific let us know which one. Yes we can also make a multi-colour stamp with the signature in blue ink and the text around it in black ink for instance. Check the rules around multi-colour stamps HERE.

There are five standard ink colours for the Self-Inking Stamps however we find the most common colours chosen are black or blue. For a little extra cost you could have one of the other 11 colours too.

The pdf proof sheet when printed is the actual size of the stamp. Check this to make sure you like the size.

Does it cost more for a signature stamp?

Yes it does.  There is extra graphic design work involved in converting an image to a vector image to get a reliable rubber stamp engraving from.  This time cost needs to be recovered.
How much does that cost then.
Click HERE to see the product to add to your order and the latest price is on there.

How long does it take for a signature stamp?

I am in a hurry how fast can I get my stamp? This is a regular question. Here is the standard response.

1. One day for a proof – or a re-proof if required will take the same

2. Less than a day to make the chosen stamp

3. After payment is received it is assembled and packed for the next afternoon courier pick up.

Generally this is from 3 days for the total process.

We find the payment part is the slowest part of the whole process. Speed this up by creating an account in the website or using a product in the website to pay, provide the invoice details and the address for the courier to deliver your stamp to you quickly.

Yes we can invoice you and you pay via internet banking. If you prefer this method please provide whom to invoice, contact name and address for the courier to send your order parcel to at the earliest opportunity to save time later. Emailing back and forth and waiting for replies takes time.

If you have any questions just ask.

Contact our Custom made rubber stamps Auckland team.

If you need some help, we are here to help you pinpoint just what you need.

Just use the enquiry form to describe what you need, attach any sketches or diagrams or a vector image of a logo and we can get this in process for you.

If you have multiple files or larger files sending us an email directly at is easier.

Contact Trent, if you have any questions or need further product information. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Google+.

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