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Self-Inking Stamps is open during COVID-19 Alert Level 4 as of 18 August 2021.

While Self-Inking Stamps are open and remote operating there are limitations to how we can help you during this time.

For essential businesses we can support you as normal.

The team here really enjoy helping identify your stamping needs, making just the right stamp and then getting it to you as fast as possible. It is so fantastic receiving the feedback of surprise at how fast people get their stamps and how well they mark. That really makes our day. However, at the moment we cannot get these orders away. A laser engraving machine is home installed along with a finite amount of stock. However, for everyone else we can do everything except ship anything to you.

How can Self-Inking Stamps help you right now?

Currently our website is operational. Everything is as normal in that respect. We can answer your website enquiries. We may not be as prompt as usual as this is a fantastic opportunity to reduce that long To-Do list around the home. New Zealand homes should look fantastic at the end of quarantine don’t you think? Oh, and a great way to reduce global warming too. Way less cars on the road chugging out pollutants! We do have an answerphone which is being monitored as well.

Perfect planning time.

If you have been wondering about getting that perfect rubber stamp made this is the perfect time to plan that out, design it and get a price to make that for you. You can take your time to browse around the website and find what you are looking for.

Click here to download our pdf of stamp sizes to see how big they are here?

If you are not sure and need help we are here to respond to emails at Hover over the menu bar and look into all those articles available.

Advantage to post COVID-19 Level 4 & 3 lockdown.

The other great aspect is that if you do actually want to have a stamp made and ship as soon as the Level 4 & 3 lockdown is lifted, we can help there. As we have a laser machine in at home right now, in quarantine, we can get production done now! Then when the first day of the quarantine lifts, we can get these away on the courier for you. Oh boy the poor couriers on day one post lock down. I don’t envy them then. Can you imagine it?

I don’t want to pay now. What if it goes longer?

Not a problem we have mechanisms in place in the website specifically for this scenario. If you are definite you want to go ahead then payment can be made by credit card on the website any time later. If you want to get this in process and be ready to go a bit later then on the checkout choose “Direct Bank Transfer” as the payment option. No payment is collected then. You pay afterwards when it suits you.

This means all the paperwork procedural stuff is done now.

  • The request is being processed.
  • You pay later.
  • The website is set ready to go when you want to proceed to go back, log in and pay.
  • Then we manufacture, assemble and prepare to ship when payment is received.
  • When a quarantine lift date is announced you can pay a couple of working days before and your order is ready to go immediately on the first day.

Nice and fast for you post COVID-19.

We are here to help.

Contact our Rubber Stamp Design team for more information…

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding available variants or further product information.

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