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Customised Wedding Stamps for a Lasting Impression

Customised wedding stamps are a great way of personalising your wedding cards. From invitations to thank you letters, your family and friends will be in awe when they see your weddings cards. Our stamp team want to help make your special day an occasion to remember!

Personalise your Invitation with our Customised Wedding Stamps

The digital age we live in is amazing, it’s never been easier to get in touch with your family and friends. The use of websites such as Facebook make it really easy to organise an event. You could invite your friends and family to a BBQ this weekend in less than 5 minutes. However, would you do the same for when you organise the most special day of your life?

destination wedding invitation1 1

An online invite makes it seem like not much effort was put in. Your wedding invitation could be the first time that a person finds out about your big day. Physical wedding invitations have a personal touch that you just can’t replicate online. It shows the level of care and time that you have dedicated on organising your big day.

Personalise your Wedding Cards with Customised Wedding Stamps

Whether it be invitations or thank you letters, customised wedding stamps are great for making your wedding cards stand out. Our team have great experience when it comes to creating stamps. We’ll work together to create a custom wedding stamp that you’ll love. All you have to do is decide on what design you want! If you bring a high resolution file (e.g. vector image or illustrator ai file) of your design we can take care of the rest.

Not sure about which font you prefer? With over thousands of fonts to choose from, Dafont.com is a great place to find your stamp font. The only thing we prefer is that you avoid really thin fonts as it can hurt the quality of your stamping. If you send in the fonts that you love, we can download them and create a solution that would work best.

Customised Wedding Stamps you can keep forever

The great thing about our customised wedding stamps are that you can keep them long after your special day. Our most requested wedding stamp is the custom hand stamp, the traditional feel of this stamp brings a greater emotional connection. It’s also one of the best stamps for handling larger images. Create a stamp that you can use to make all of your wedding cards as beautiful as your final day.


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